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1790 - "C" Index (4)

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Name County Tax List Page
Cary, John Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cary, John ElizabethCity 1790Personal 02
Cary, John Gloucester 1789PersonalB 06
Cary, Martha KingQueen 1790Land 02
Cary, Martha KingWilliam 1787Personal 05
Cary, Mary Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cary, Miles Chesterfield 1790Personal 06
Cary, Miles ElizabethCity 1790Personal 02
Cary, Miles KingQueen 1790Land 03
Cary, Miles Southampton 1790PersonalA 07
Cary, Miles Southampton 1790PersonalA 08
Cary, Miles Southampton 1790PersonalB 15
Cary, Miles Warwick 1788Land 01
Cary, Miles Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Miles Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Miles York 1790Personal 15
Cary, Richard Warwick 1788Land 01
Cary, Richard Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Richard, Jr Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Robert Buckingham 1788PersonalA 03
Cary, Robert Chesterfield 1790Personal 06
Cary, Robert Gloucester 1789PersonalB 06
Cary, Robert Gloucester 1790LandB 03
Cary, Robert PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Cary, Robert (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 03
Cary, Samuel Campbell 1791PersonalB 06
Cary, Samuel Gloucester 1790LandA 03
Cary, Samuel Loudoun 1789PersonalA 09
Cary, Thomas Warwick 1788Land 01
Cary, Thomas Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Thomas (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 03
Cary, William Chesterfield 1790Personal 06
Cary, William ElizabethCity 1790Personal 02
Cary, William NewKent 1791Personal 20
Cary, William PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cary, William Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, William Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, William York 1790Personal 15
Cary, William York 1791Land 07
Cary, Wilson KingQueen 1790PersonalB 03
Cary, Wilson Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Wilson M Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 02
Cary, Wilson M Warwick 1788Land 01
Cary, Wilson M Warwick 1789Personal 01
Cary, Wilson Miles ElizabethCity 1790Personal 02
Casaday, James Halifax 1789PersonalA 06
Casaday, John Halifax 1789PersonalA 06
Casaday, Wear Montgomery 1792PersonalA 02
Casady, James Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 03
Casady, Peter Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 03
Casaway, Thos Greenbrier 1791PersonalB 02
Caseley, Edmund Surry 1790Land 07
Caseley, Michael Surry 1790Land 05
Casey, James, Jr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 04
Casey, James, Sr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 04
Casey, John Albemarle 1789PersonalA 04
Casey, Richard IsleWight 1790PersonalB 04
Casey, Robert CityWilliamsburg 1788Personal 01
Casey, Samuel Warwick 1789Personal 01
Casey, Thomas IsleWight 1790PersonalA 04
Casey, Thomas Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 07
Casey, Thomas (Short Fox{?}) IsleWight 1790PersonalB 04
Casey, William Fauquier 1790PersonalC 04
Casey, William IsleWight 1790PersonalB 03
Casey, William, Jr Fauquier 1790PersonalC 04
Cash, Bartlett Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, Catherine PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 05
Cash, Howard Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, James Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, Joseph Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, Peter Amherst 1790PersonalB 03
Cash, Peter Stafford 1789PersonalA 03
Cash, Randolph Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, Stephen Amherst 1790PersonalB 03
Cash, Tabatha Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, Thomas Amherst 1790PersonalB 04
Cash, William Fairfax 1789PersonalA 04
Cashaday, Hugh CharlesCity 1790Personal 04
Cashaday, Thomas Montgomery 1792PersonalA 02
Cashanton, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 08
Cashin, Thomas, Sr Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cashon, Burell Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cashon, Burwell Chesterfield 1791Land 04
Cashon, David Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cashon, David PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 02
Cashon, James Chesterfield 1791Land 04
Cashon, James PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 03
Cashon, Joel Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cashon, Thomas, Jr Chesterfield 1790Personal 05
Cashon, William PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 03
Cashoon, David Chesterfield 1791Land 10
Cashoon, Thomas Chesterfield 1791Land 03
Cashoon, Thomas, Jr Chesterfield 1791Land 03
Cashorn, William Amherst 1790PersonalA 16
Cashwell, Peter Amherst 1790PersonalB 03
Cashwell, William Amherst 1790PersonalB 03
Caskey, Jams Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 03
Caslett, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 08
Caslin, Andrew CityRichmond 1791Personal 04
Casner, Adam Pendleton 1792PersonalB 02
Casner, George Rockingham 1789PersonalA 06
Casner, John Pendleton 1792PersonalB 01
Cason, Cornelius PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, Cornelius, Jr PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cason, Cornelius, Jr PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 03
Cason, Dinah PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 03
Cason, Edward Culpeper 1791PersonalB 05
Cason, Edward PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cason, Henry PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, Hillary PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cason, Hillary, Jr PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, James PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, Jno Culpeper 1791PersonalB 21
Cason, John PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cason, John, Jr PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, John, Sr PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 05
Cason, Johnson PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cason, Molben PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 05
Cason, Moses PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 03
Cason, Seth PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Cason, Solomon PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, Stephen PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Cason, Tully PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cason, William Buckingham 1788PersonalA 03
Cason, Wilson PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 04
Casper, Peter Culpeper 1791PersonalA 05
Cassady, Andrew Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cassel, Larrance Fauquier 1790PersonalB 08
Cassels, Armistead Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Cassels, Avarilla Dinwiddie 1790LandA 03
Cassels, Avarilla Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Cassels, William Amelia 1790Personal 05
Cassels, William Amelia 1791Land 04
Cassels, William Dinwiddie 1790LandA 03
Cassey, Partrick Accomack 1788PersonalA 05
Cassity, David Randolph 1790PersonalA 01
Cassity, Peter Randolph 1790PersonalA 02
Casteen, Jeremiah Norfolk 1790PersonalB 04
Casteen, Thomas PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Caster, Jacob Rockingham 1789PersonalB 04
Castle, John (estate) Caroline 1789Land 02
Castle, John (estate) Caroline 1789Personal 03
Castle, Joseph Gloucester 1789PersonalB 06
Castle, Michael Wythe 1793PersonalA 06
Castle, Michael Wythe 1793PersonalA 07
Castle, Nicholas Wythe 1793PersonalA 06
Castle, Volentine Pendleton 1792PersonalB 02
Castleman, David Frederick 1791PersonalA 04
Castleman, John Frederick 1791PersonalA 04
Castleman, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 05
Castles, Jacob Russell 1790PersonalA 04
Castlin, John Henrico 1790PersonalB 04
Casto, David Randolph 1790PersonalC 01
Casto, John Randolph 1790PersonalC 01
Castor, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 08
Catchim, Edward Wythe 1793PersonalA 06
Cate, James PrinceGeorge 1790Land 03
Cate, James PrinceGeorge 1790Land 04
Cate, James PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 03
Cate, John PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 03
Cate, William Brunswick 1788PersonalB 05
Caten, James CityNorfolk 1789Personal 03
Cater, George (estate) Lancaster 1789Land 02
Caterline, William Frederick 1791PersonalB 05
Cates, John Halifax 1789PersonalB 03
Cates, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 07
Catharea, John Rockingham 1789PersonalA 05
Catharea, John, Junr Rockingham 1789PersonalA 05
Cathearl, John CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 03
Catheart, J CityPetersburg 1790LandB 17
Catheart, John CityPetersburg 1790LandB 05
Cathey, William Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 04
Catlet, John, Jr KingWilliam 1787Land 04
Catlet, John, Sr KingWilliam 1787Land 04
Catlett, Anne Frederick 1791PersonalB 05
Catlett, Charles Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 04
Catlett, David Frederick 1791PersonalB 06
Catlett, Henry Frederick 1791PersonalA 04
Catlett, James Frederick 1791PersonalB 05
Catlett, James Frederick 1791PersonalB 05
Catlett, John Frederick 1791PersonalA 04
Catlett, John KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Catlett, John, Jr KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Catlett, Mary Culpeper 1791PersonalC 06
Catlett, Peter CityRichmond 1791Personal 04
Catlett, Richard KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Catlett, Robert Frederick 1791PersonalA 04
Catlett, Robert, Jur Frederick 1791PersonalB 06
Catlett, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 05
Catoe, Daniel Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Catoe, Daniel Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Catoe, John Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Catoe, John Greensville 1789PersonalA 03
Catoe, Roland Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Caton, Aquiller PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 03
Caton, Henry Sussex 1789PersonalA 04
Caton, Hillary PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 12
Catring, Peter Wythe 1793PersonalB 05
Catt, Mary, Mrs Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 03
Cattenhead, William Norfolk 1790PersonalA 08
Catterton, Michail Albemarle 1789PersonalB 05
Catts, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 16
Caudle, David Dinwiddie 1790LandA 04
Caudle, Elizabeth Nottoway 1791Personal 06
Caudle, Joseph Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 03
Caudle, Mary Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 03
Caudle, William CityPetersburg 1790LandB 05
Caudle, William Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 02
Caul, Timothy Augusta 1790PersonalB 04
Caulthorpe, James Southampton 1790PersonalA 08
Caums{?}, Michael Augusta 1790PersonalB 04
Causbey, James Goochland 1789PersonalA 02
Causby, Charles Powhatan 1790Personal 04
Causby, David Powhatan 1790Personal 02
Causby, James Powhatan 1790Personal 04
Causby, William Powhatan 1790Personal 04
Causy, Able Northumberland 1788PersonalA 03
Causy, Thomas Northumberland 1788PersonalA 03
Causy, William Northumberland 1788PersonalA 03
Cauthon, Christopher Hanover 1789LandB 04
Cauthon, Frances Hanover 1789LandB 03
Cauthon, Frances Hanover 1789PersonalA 04
Cauthon, James Hanover 1789LandB 04
Cauthon, James Hanover 1789PersonalA 04
Cauthon, William Hanover 1789PersonalA 04
Cauthon, William, Jr Hanover 1789PersonalA 04
Cauthorn, Cate PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 05
Cauthorn, Catharine Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauthorn, Dabny PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Cauthorn, John PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cauthorn, Margarett PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Cauthorn, Rice Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauthorn, Richard Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauthorn, Thomas Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauthorn, Thomas PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cauthorn, Vincent Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauthorn, Vincent, Jr Essex 1790Personal 04
Cauvey, John CityPetersburg 1790LandB 05
Cauvey, John CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 04
Cavanaugh, John Kanawha 1792Personal 03
Cave, Belfield Orange 1790PersonalA 03
Cave, Ben (Constable) Orange 1790PersonalB 05
Cave, Benjamin, Jr Culpeper 1791PersonalB 05
Cave, Benjamin, Senr Culpeper 1791PersonalB 05
Cave, David Culpeper 1791PersonalB 05
Cave, David (carpenter) Culpeper 1791PersonalB 05
Cave, James Albemarle 1789PersonalB 04
Cave, Jane Fauquier 1790PersonalC 05
Cave, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 06
Cave, Joseph Culpeper 1791PersonalA 06
Cave, Reubin Culpeper 1791PersonalA 05
Cave, Samuel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 05
Cave, Thomas Fauquier 1790PersonalC 05
Cave, Thomas PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 09
Cave, William Orange 1790PersonalA 03
Cavender, Amy PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cavender, George Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 03
Cavender, Henry PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 02
Cavender, James PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cavender, Joseph Powhatan 1790Personal 03
Cavender, Reuben PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 05
Cavender, Thomas Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 02
Cavender, William Powhatan 1790Personal 04
Cavendish, Wm H Greenbrier 1791PersonalB 02
Cavennaugh, James Essex 1790Personal 06
Cavern, John Henry 1790PersonalB 04
Cavern, William Amherst 1790PersonalA 05
Cavill, Booker Goochland 1789PersonalB 02
Cavill, Josiah Goochland 1789PersonalB 02
Cavill, Roger Goochland 1789PersonalB 02
Cavin, George Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 03
Cavin, Jacob Ohio 1790PersonalB 02
Cavin, Patrick Loudoun 1789PersonalB 05
Cavin, William Loudoun 1789PersonalB 05
Cavinder, Hugh (estate) Charlotte 1790PersonalA 04
Cavindor, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 05
Cavines, George Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 07
Cavines, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 08
Cavines, Matthew Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 06
Cavines, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 06
Cavines, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 07
Cavins, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 04
Cavins, Joseph Loudoun 1789PersonalB 04
Cavins, William Loudoun 1789PersonalB 05
Cawley, Assa PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 03
Cawley, Michael Augusta 1790PersonalA 06
Cawley, Nathaniel Goochland 1789PersonalB 03
Cawly, Elizabeth PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Cawood, John Frederick 1791PersonalA 05
Cawood, Thomas, Jr PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 03
Cawood, Thomas, Sr PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 04
Cawson, John IsleWight 1790PersonalB 04
Cawthan, Charles Goochland 1789PersonalA 02
Cawthers, James Loudoun 1789PersonalB 05
Cawthon, Christopher Albemarle 1789PersonalB 05
Cawthon, Robert, Jr Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 02
Cawthon, Robert, Sr Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 02
Cayer, Fleming Cumberland 1791PersonalA 03
Cayer, Shadreck Cumberland 1791PersonalA 03
Caylor, Barbara Loudoun 1789PersonalC 04
Caylor, Nicolas Loudoun 1789PersonalC 04
Cayton, Jacob Henry 1790PersonalA 03
Cazier, Edward PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 04
Cazy, Robt Loudoun 1789PersonalC 16
Name County Tax List Page
Ceaker, Abram Kanawha 1792Personal 02
Cearnal, Elijah Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, Elizabeth Caroline 1789Land 03
Cearnal, Elizabeth Caroline 1789Personal 02
Cearnal, George Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, Moses Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, Patrick Caroline 1789Land 03
Cearnal, Patrick Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, Pleasant Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, Richmond Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, William Caroline 1789Land 02
Cearnal, William Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearnal, William, Jr Caroline 1789Personal 03
Cearsey, John PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 03
Ceasar, Thomas Bedford 1789PersonalA 02
Ceborne, Frederick Sussex 1789PersonalA 06
Cecil, Benjamin Sollors Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecil, John Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecil, Rebekah Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecil, Samuel Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecil, Thomas Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecil, Zaccariah Montgomery 1792PersonalB 02
Cecill, Thomas Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 09
Celia, Elizabeth CityRichmond 1791Personal 05
Cellam, Abel Gloucester 1789PersonalB 06
Cellars, William Gloucester 1789PersonalB 06
Cellers, Fredrick Hardy 1789PersonalB 02
Cellers, Susan Hardy 1789PersonalB 02
Celley, George Botetourt 1789PersonalA 14
Cely, Merritt Brunswick 1788PersonalB 06
Cely, William Brunswick 1788PersonalB 06
Ceplinger, John Hardy 1789PersonalA 03
Cerby, Thomas Hardy 1789PersonalA 02
Cesterson, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 05
Cesterson, William Amherst 1790PersonalA 17
Ceterman, Daniel Hardy 1789PersonalA 03
Ceterman, Jacob Hardy 1789PersonalA 03
Ceton, William Hardy 1789PersonalB 02
Name County Tax List Page
Chace, John Montgomery 1792PersonalB 03
Chaddoks, Charles Fauquier 1790PersonalA 04
Chadler, Jacob Franklin 1788PersonalA 04
Chadwell, Brian Stafford 1789PersonalA 03
Chadwell, David Henry 1790PersonalB 04
Chadwell, David Russell 1790PersonalA 03
Chadwell, Duff Culpeper 1791PersonalA 05
Chadwell, William KingGeorge 1792Personal 02
Chadwick, Levi Ohio 1790PersonalA 02
Chadwill, Bryan Fauquier 1790PersonalB 10
Chadwill, James Fauquier 1790PersonalB 10
Chadwill, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 10
Chaffant, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 06
Chaffin, Christopher Goochland 1789PersonalB 02
Chaffin, James Franklin 1788PersonalA 03
Chaffin, James Montgomery 1792PersonalB 03
Chaffin, Joseph Amelia 1790Personal 05
Chaffin, Joseph Bedford 1789PersonalA 03
Chaffin, Joshua Amelia 1791Land 03
Chaffin, Peter Amelia 1790Personal 03
Chaffin, Simon Montgomery 1792PersonalB 03
Chaffin, Stanley Amelia 1790Personal 03
Chafin, Jessee Charlotte 1790PersonalA 04
Chafin, Joseph Charlotte 1790PersonalA 03
Chafin, Joshua Charlotte 1790PersonalA 03
Chafin, Joshua (L free) Charlotte 1790PersonalA 04
Chafin, Mary Charlotte 1790PersonalA 03
Chafin, Thomas Charlotte 1790PersonalA 03
Chahman, John Amelia 1791Land 03
Chainey, Hugh Henrico 1790PersonalA 05
Chaires, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 04
Challender, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 06
Challis, Dorithy York 1790Personal 02
Challis, Robert York 1790Personal 03
Challis, Samuel York 1790Personal 03
Chalmers, James Halifax 1789PersonalB 04
Chalmon, John Franklin 1788PersonalB 05
Chamberlain, Freegift Ohio 1790PersonalB 02
Chamberlain, George CityNorfolk 1789Personal 03
Chamberlain, James Essex 1790Personal 05
Chamberlain, Leonard Essex 1790Personal 05
Chamberlain, Stout Ohio 1790PersonalB 02
Chamberlayne, Amelia KingWilliam 1787Land 03
Chamberlayne, Byrd KingWilliam 1787Land 03
Chamberlayne, Byrd KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Chamberlayne, Edward P Cumberland 1791PersonalB 03
Chamberlayne, Edward P KingWilliam 1787Land 03
Chamberlayne, Edward P KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Chamberlayne, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 08
Chamberlayne, Mary NewKent 1790Land 04
Chamberlayne, Thomas (estate) KingWilliam 1787Personal 07
Chamberlayne, William Cumberland 1791PersonalB 04
Chamberlayne, William NewKent 1790Land 04
Chamberlayne, William NewKent 1791Personal 04
Chamberlin, John Loudoun 1789PersonalA 07
Chamberlin, John Richmond 1789PersonalA 03
Chambers, Allen PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Chambers, Ann Fairfax 1789PersonalA 03
Chambers, David Ohio 1790PersonalA 02
Chambers, David Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 02
Chambers, Edmund Accomack 1788PersonalA 05
Chambers, Edwd Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 02
Chambers, Elizabeth Buckingham 1788PersonalA 03
Chambers, James Buckingham 1788PersonalB 03
Chambers, James Nottoway 1791Personal 07
Chambers, Jane Halifax 1789PersonalB 04
Chambers, Jas Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 02
Chambers, Jesse Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Chambers, John Buckingham 1788PersonalA 03
Chambers, John Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Chambers, John Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 09
Chambers, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 03
Chambers, John, Capt Buckingham 1788PersonalB 02
Chambers, John, Sr (exempt) Buckingham 1788PersonalB 02
Chambers, Josias Buckingham 1788PersonalA 03
Chambers, Major Accomack 1788PersonalA 07
Chambers, Mary PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 03
Chambers, Moses Botetourt 1789PersonalA 03
Chambers, Nathaniel Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 19
Chambers, Robt Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 02
Chambers, Samuel (estate) Nottoway 1791Personal 07
Chambers, Thomas Augusta 1790PersonalB 03
Chambers, Thos Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 02
Chambers, Thos, Ju Orange 1790PersonalB 06
Chambers, Thos, Senr Orange 1790PersonalB 06
Chambers, William Augusta 1790PersonalA 06
Chambers, William Halifax 1789PersonalB 04
Chambers, William Loudoun 1789PersonalB 04
Chambers, William Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 02
Chambless, Bolling Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Chambless, Henry Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Chambless, Henry Greensville 1789PersonalA 02
Chambless, William Southampton 1790PersonalA 08
Chamblin, George Frederick 1791PersonalB 06
Chambling, Charles Loudoun 1789PersonalA 08
Chambling, Wm Loudoun 1789PersonalA 08
Chambliss, James Sussex 1789PersonalA 03
Chambliss, Nathaniel Sussex 1789PersonalB 03
Chambliss, Theodrick Sussex 1789PersonalB 03
Chambliss, William Sussex 1789PersonalB 03
Champin, Charles Sussex 1789PersonalB 03
Champion, Cuthbert Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 02
Champion, James (estate) Northumberland 1788PersonalB 02
Chamsey, Andrew Monongalia 1790PersonalB 01
Chanal, Jeremiah Hardy 1789PersonalA 03
Chanal, John Hardy 1789PersonalA 03
Chance, William Northampton 1788PersonalA 03
Chancellor, John PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 05
Chancelor, Robert Goochland 1789PersonalA 02
Chancelor, Thomas (exempt) Goochland 1789PersonalA 01
Chancy, Elizabeth JamesCity 1790Personal 02
Chancy, John (estate) JamesCity 1790Land 02
Chandler, Abraham PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 04
Chandler, Ann KingWilliam 1787Land 03
Chandler, Ann KingWilliam 1787Personal 05
Chandler, Barnett NewKent 1791Personal 17
Chandler, Benjamin Franklin 1788PersonalB 04
Chandler, Britain Dinwiddie 1790LandA 03
Chandler, Britain Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 03
Chandler, Claiborn Nottoway 1791Personal 05
Chandler, Daniel Franklin 1788PersonalB 05
Chandler, David, Jr Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 08
Chandler, David, Sr Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 08
Chandler, Edmund Caroline 1789Personal 04
Chandler, Elizabeth Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 02
Chandler, Elizabeth KingWilliam 1787Land 03
Chandler, Elizabeth KingWilliam 1787Personal 05
Chandler, Elizabeth KingWilliam 1787Personal 06
Chandler, Frederick Halifax 1789PersonalA 05
Chandler, George Buckingham 1788PersonalB 03
Chandler, Goldsmith CityWinchester 1792Personal 03
Chandler, Hardaway Nottoway 1791Personal 05
Chandler, Hathan Accomack 1788PersonalA 06
Chandler, Henry Charlotte 1790PersonalA 03
Chandler, Henry Fauquier 1790PersonalC 05
Chandler, Isaac Buckingham 1788PersonalB 03
Chandler, James NewKent 1790Land 04
Chandler, James NewKent 1791Personal 05
Chandler, Jeremiah Orange 1790PersonalB 05
Chandler, John Dinwiddie 1790LandA 03
Chandler, John Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Chandler, John Halifax 1789PersonalA 05
Chandler, John NewKent 1791Personal 05
Chandler, John Orange 1790PersonalB 07
Chandler, Joseph, Ju Orange 1790PersonalB 07
Chandler, Joseph, Senr Orange 1790PersonalB 07
Chandler, Levi Accomack 1788PersonalA 06
Chandler, Martin Amelia 1790Personal 04
Chandler, Mitchell Accomack 1788PersonalA 06
Chandler, Patience Accomack 1788PersonalA 06
Chandler, Richard Amherst 1790PersonalB 03
Chandler, Robert Caroline 1789Land 02
Chandler, Robert Caroline 1789Personal 04
Chandler, Robert CharlesCity 1790Land 05
Chandler, Robert CharlesCity 1790Personal 05
Chandler, Robert Halifax 1789PersonalA 05
Chandler, Robert {younger} Caroline 1789Personal 04
Chandler, Sarah Accomack 1788PersonalA 06


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