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1790 - "G" Index (5)

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Name County Tax List Page
Goodall, John Jr JamesCity 1790Personal 03
Goodall, John Jr JamesCity 1790Land 03
Goodall, John, Jnr Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Goodall, Jonathan Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Goodall, Park Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Goodall, Parke Caroline 1789Land 04
Goodall, Parke Hanover 1789PersonalA 08
Goodall, Parks Hanover 1789LandB 06
Goodall, William Caroline 1789Land 05
Goodall, William JamesCity 1790Personal 03
Goodall, William Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Goodbar, Joseph Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 06
Goodchild, William CityNorfolk 1789Personal 05
Goodchild, William Norfolk 1790PersonalA 15
Goode, Archer Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Benjamin Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goode, Benjamin Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, Benjamin Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Bennett (estate) Mecklenburg 1789Land 10
Goode, Bennit Powhatan 1790Personal 06
Goode, Casper Culpeper 1791PersonalB 12
Goode, Damiel Culpeper 1791PersonalB 12
Goode, Daniel Amherst 1790PersonalA 11
Goode, Daniel Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Edmond Bedford 1789PersonalA 04
Goode, Edward Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 18
Goode, Edward, Sr Mecklenburg 1789Land 11
Goode, Francis Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, H Buckingham 1788PersonalA 12
Goode, J Buckingham 1788PersonalA 12
Goode, John Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Goode, John Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, John Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, John Essex 1790Personal 10
Goode, John Mecklenburg 1789Land 11
Goode, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 19
Goode, John Powhatan 1790Personal 07
Goode, John PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 08
Goode, John Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, John (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, John C Charlotte 1790PersonalA 06
Goode, John C PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 05
Goode, Joseph Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 14
Goode, Joseph Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Mackerness Charlotte 1790PersonalA 07
Goode, Martha Powhatan 1790Personal 06
Goode, Martha Henrico 1790PersonalB 08
Goode, Mary Amelia 1790Personal 07
Goode, Mary Amelia 1791Land 05
Goode, Phillip Charlotte 1790PersonalA 06
Goode, Richard Essex 1790Personal 10
Goode, Richard (no land) Mecklenburg 1789Land 11
Goode, Robert Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, Robert Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, Robert CityRichmond 1791Personal 07
Goode, Robert, Jr PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 05
Goode, S Buckingham 1788PersonalA 12
Goode, Samuel Mecklenburg 1789Land 10
Goode, Samuel Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 19
Goode, Samuel PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 04
Goode, Samuel Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Samuel, Jr PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 07
Goode, Thomas Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, Thomas Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 07
Goode, Thomas (Chesterfield) Mecklenburg 1789Land 11
Goode, Thomas (estate) Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 18
Goode, Thomas (no land) Mecklenburg 1789Land 10
Goode, thomas (T Creek) Powhatan 1790Personal 06
Goode, William Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, William Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Goode, William Halifax 1789PersonalB 10
Goode, William Middlesex 1790Personal 04
Gooden, Abraham Wythe 1793PersonalA 12
Gooden, Daniel Botetourt 1789PersonalA 05
Gooden, Francis Monongalia 1790PersonalA 07
Gooden, John Wythe 1793PersonalA 12
Gooden, Peter Halifax 1789PersonalB 11
Gooden, Samuel Botetourt 1789PersonalA 05
Gooden, Soloman Hardy 1789PersonalA 04
Goodey, John Sussex 1789PersonalA 06
Goodgame, David PrinceGeorge 1790Land 06
Goodheart, Henry Loudoun 1789PersonalB 08
Goodin, Avery JamesCity 1790Personal 03
Goodin, William Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gooding, Collings Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Gooding, Collings (estate) Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Gooding, Collings (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Gooding, David Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Gooding, David Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Gooding, Jesse Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Gooding, John Fairfax 1789PersonalB 06
Gooding, John Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Gooding, Micajah Campbell 1791PersonalB 13
Gooding, R Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Gooding, Soloman Amelia 1790Personal 07
Gooding, Solomon Amelia 1791Land 05
Gooding, William Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Gooding, William IsleWight 1790PersonalA 09
Gooding, William, Jr Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Goodlett, Adam Orange 1790PersonalB 10
Goodlink, Michael Augusta 1790PersonalB 07
Goodloe, George Caroline 1789Personal 07
Goodloe, George Culpeper 1791PersonalA 09
Goodloe, Henry Caroline 1789Land 04
Goodloe, Henry Caroline 1789Personal 07
Goodman, Benjamin Hanover 1789LandB 06
Goodman, Benjamin NewKent 1790Land 06
Goodman, Benjamin NewKent 1791Personal 08
Goodman, Charles Albemarle 1789PersonalB 08
Goodman, Charles Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Goodman, Charles (Hanover) NewKent 1791Personal 08
Goodman, Cunard Loudoun 1789PersonalB 09
Goodman, Horsley Albemarle 1789PersonalB 08
Goodman, Jacob Washington 1787PersonalA 05
Goodman, James Botetourt 1789PersonalA 04
Goodman, James Nansemond 1789Land 09
Goodman, John Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 04
Goodman, John (Henrico) NewKent 1791Personal 08
Goodman, Joseph Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Goodman, Joseph Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodman, Joseph Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodman, Richard Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodman, Samuel Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodman, Samuel Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodman, Thomas CityRichmond 1791Personal 07
Goodman, Timothy Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodman, Timothy Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodman, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 15
Goodman, William Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 04
Goodman, William, Jr Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 04
Goodnight, John CityWinchester 1792Personal 04
Goodpasture, Abraham Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 06
Goodrich, Benjamin Greensville 1789PersonalB 04
Goodrich, Benjamin IsleWight 1790PersonalB 09
Goodrich, Benjamin (Green) Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Goodrich, Briggs (estate) Brunswick 1788PersonalA 07
Goodrich, Charles IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodrich, Charles Surry 1790Land 10
Goodrich, Edmond Amherst 1790PersonalB 05
Goodrich, Edward, Jr Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Goodrich, George IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodrich, James Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodrich, John Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodrich, John Warwick 1788Land 02
Goodrich, John (Gent) IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodrich, John (Gent) IsleWight 1790PersonalB 09
Goodrich, Richard Lancaster 1789Land 05
Goodrich, Samuel Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodrich, Thomas Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodrich, William Greensville 1789PersonalA 04
Goodrich, William IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodrich, William, Jr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodrick, Benjamin Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Goodridge, George Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Goodridge, John Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Goodridge, Richard Lancaster 1786Personal 01
Goodrum, Bennett Brunswick 1788PersonalB 12
Goodrum, James Southampton 1790PersonalA 08
Goodrum, John Greensville 1789PersonalB 04
Goodrum, Thomas Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Goodrum, Thomas Mecklenburg 1789Land 11
Goodrum, Thomas (estate) Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 19
Goodrum, William Brunswick 1788PersonalB 03
Goodrum, William Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Goodshoser, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 11
Goodson, George IsleWight 1790PersonalA 09
Goodson, James IsleWight 1790PersonalA 09
Goodson, John Botetourt 1789PersonalC 05
Goodson, John Montgomery 1792PersonalC 02
Goodson, Nicholas, Jr IsleWight 1790PersonalA 09
Goodson, Nicholas, Sr IsleWight 1790PersonalA 09
Goodson, Thomas (of Edward) IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodson, Thomas, Jr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodson, Thomas, Jun Montgomery 1792PersonalC 02
Goodson, Thomas, Junr Botetourt 1789PersonalC 05
Goodson, Thomas, Sen Montgomery 1792PersonalC 02
Goodson, Thomas, Senr Botetourt 1789PersonalC 05
Goodson, Thomas, Sr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodson, William Botetourt 1789PersonalC 05
Goodson, Wm Montgomery 1792PersonalC 02
Goodwan, John, Junior Harrison 1789PersonalB 02
Goodwin, Amos Loudoun 1789PersonalA 16
Goodwin, Edward Harrison 1789PersonalB 01
Goodwin, Elizabeth Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodwin, George Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwin, George Sussex 1789PersonalB 05
Goodwin, James Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwin, James ElizabethCity 1790Personal 03
Goodwin, James Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodwin, Jno, Senr Harrison 1789PersonalB 01
Goodwin, John Loudoun 1789PersonalA 16
Goodwin, John Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 05
Goodwin, John York 1791Land 03
Goodwin, John (estate) Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodwin, John (estate) York 1791Land 03
Goodwin, John Henry Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwin, Martin York 1790Personal 05
Goodwin, Micajah Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwin, Peter Caroline 1789Land 04
Goodwin, Peter Caroline 1789Personal 07
Goodwin, Peter York 1790Personal 05
Goodwin, Peterson (Dinwiddie) Brunswick 1788PersonalA 07
Goodwin, Rebecca Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodwin, Rebecca Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Goodwin, Rebecca KingWilliam 1787Land 06
Goodwin, Rebecca KingWilliam 1787Personal 11
Goodwin, Rebecca York 1790Personal 06
Goodwin, Richard IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Goodwin, Ruebin Hanover 1789LandA 03
Goodwin, Saml Loudoun 1789PersonalA 16
Goodwin, Thomas Caroline 1789Personal 06
Goodwin, Thomas Caroline 1789Personal 07
Goodwin, William Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwin, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 12
Goodwinn, James Hanover 1789LandB 06
Goodwy, Peterson, Col Dinwiddie 1790LandA 06
Goodwyn, Armstead Greensville 1789PersonalB 04
Goodwyn, Bozwell CityPetersburg 1790LandB 09
Goodwyn, Bozwell CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwyn, Bozwell Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 05
Goodwyn, Braddon, Capt Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 05
Goodwyn, Esau Greensville 1789PersonalB 04
Goodwyn, Hannah, Mrs Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodwyn, Hannah, Mrs Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 05
Goodwyn, Harwood Dinwiddie 1790LandA 06
Goodwyn, James Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 04
Goodwyn, John Greensville 1789PersonalA 04
Goodwyn, Joseph, Capt Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 05
Goodwyn, Joseph, Jr Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 05
Goodwyn, Judith, Mrs Dinwiddie 1790LandB 05
Goodwyn, Mark Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 04
Goodwyn, Peterson CityPetersburg 1790LandB 09
Goodwyn, Peterson, Col Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 07
Goodwyn, Robert Southampton 1790PersonalB 24
Goodwyn, Stephen CityPetersburg 1790LandB 09
Goodwyn, Stephen CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 06
Goodwyne, Beale (son of Peter) Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 14
Goodwyne, Bozwell, Capt Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodwyne, Braddock, Col Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodwyne, Joseph, Capt Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodwyne, Peter Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 14
Goodwyne, Peterson, Col Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodwyne, Stephen, Capt Dinwiddie 1790LandB 04
Goodyconer, Magaret Frederick 1791PersonalB 10
Googher, Martin Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Goolsberry, Robert Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Goolsberry, William Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Goolsby, Arther Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Goolsby, Daniel Henry 1790PersonalA 06
Goolsby, Thomas Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Goolsby, William Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Goolsby, William Buckingham 1788PersonalA 06
Goore, Michael Botetourt 1789PersonalB 04
Goose, John Frederick 1791PersonalB 11
Goose, Thomas Dinwiddie 1790LandA 06
Goosley, William York 1790Personal 15
Goosley, William York 1790Personal 05
Goosley, William York 1791Land 03
Goosley, William York 1791Land 07
Gootie, Linsey Accomack 1788PersonalB 08
Gordain, James Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Gordan, Abner Brunswick 1788PersonalA 07
Gordan, Alexander Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Gordan, Daniel Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Gordan, Giles Campbell 1791PersonalB 13
Gordan, James Chesterfield 1790Personal 10
Gordan, James Ohio 1790PersonalA 03
Gordan, John Greensville 1789PersonalA 04
Gordan, Julious Campbell 1791PersonalB 13
Gordan, Robert Amelia 1790Personal 05
Gordan, William Halifax 1789PersonalB 09
Gordan, William Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 06
Gorden, Adam CityNorfolk 1789Personal 05
Gorden, Alexander Culpeper 1791PersonalC 10
Gorden, George (estate) Norfolk 1790PersonalA 15
Gorden, Hugh Fauquier 1790PersonalA 08
Gorden, James Norfolk 1790PersonalA 14
Gorden, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 10
Gorden, John Goochland 1789PersonalA 03
Gorden, John Loudoun 1789PersonalC 14
Gorden, John Wythe 1793PersonalA 11
Gorden, John, Jr Goochland 1789PersonalA 03
Gorden, Moses Wythe 1793PersonalA 11
Gorden, Sarah Fairfax 1789PersonalB 06
Gordin, Archabald Franklin 1788PersonalB 10
Gordin, Charles Amelia 1790Personal 07
Gordin, Damiel Chesterfield 1790Personal 09
Gordin, George Fauquier 1790PersonalB 17
Gordin, James Loudoun 1789PersonalC 09
Gordin, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 17
Gordin, Joseph PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 07
Gordin, Robert Powhatan 1790Personal 06
Gordin, Thomas Powhatan 1790Personal 06
Gordin, Thomas PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 08
Gordin, William PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 07
Gording, James Henrico 1790PersonalA 12
Gording, Obediah Henrico 1790PersonalA 12
Gordon, Abner Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 18
Gordon, Albion KingWilliam 1787Personal 11
Gordon, Alexander Culpeper 1791PersonalA 09
Gordon, Alexander Essex 1790Personal 10
Gordon, Ann PrinceGeorge 1790Land 06
Gordon, Bazell Stafford 1789PersonalB 04
Gordon, Charles PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 05
Gordon, Churchell Culpeper 1791PersonalC 09
Gordon, Dunbar CharlesCity 1790Personal 08
Gordon, Gabriel Essex 1790Personal 10
Gordon, Hugh CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 06
Gordon, Isham PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 06
Gordon, James Greenbrier 1791PersonalB 03
Gordon, James Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gordon, James Lancaster 1786Personal 03
Gordon, James Lancaster 1789Land 05
Gordon, James Orange 1790PersonalB 10
Gordon, James PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 05
Gordon, Jesse IsleWight 1790PersonalB 08
Gordon, John CityWinchester 1792Personal 04
Gordon, John Essex 1790Personal 11
Gordon, John Frederick 1791PersonalB 12
Gordon, John Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Gordon, John PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 07
Gordon, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 06
Gordon, John Rockingham 1789PersonalA 11
Gordon, John Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 04
Gordon, John (estate) Charlotte 1790PersonalB 05
Gordon, John (estate) PrinceGeorge 1790Land 06
Gordon, John B Henrico 1790PersonalB 07
Gordon, Joseph Frederick 1791PersonalA 08
Gordon, Julius Buckingham 1788PersonalB 05
Gordon, Lucy Dinwiddie 1790LandA 06
Gordon, Margarett CityPetersburg 1790LandB 09
Gordon, Nathaniel Lancaster 1786Personal 03
Gordon, Nathaniel Henrico 1790PersonalA 04
Gordon, Natl Orange 1790PersonalA 05
Gordon, Peter Frederick 1791PersonalB 10
Gordon, Rachel Essex 1790Personal 10
Gordon, Richard Cumberland 1791PersonalA 05
Gordon, Sarah Henrico 1790PersonalA 12
Gordon, Thomas CityPetersburg 1790LandC 03
Gordon, Thomas CityPetersburg 1790LandC 03
Gordon, Thomas CityPetersburg 1790PersonalC 02
Gordon, Thomas Dinwiddie 1790LandA 06
Gordon, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1790Land 06
Gordon, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 06
Gordon, Thomas Rockingham 1789PersonalA 11
Gordon, Vincent Essex 1790Personal 10
Gordon, W D D Washington 1787PersonalB 05
Gordon, William Culpeper 1791PersonalA 10
Gordon, William PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 05
Gordon, William PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 08
Gore, John Culpeper 1791PersonalC 09
Gore, Jonathan Loudoun 1789PersonalA 17
Gore, Joseph Loudoun 1789PersonalA 22
Gore, Joshua Loudoun 1789PersonalA 15
Gore, Joshua Loudoun 1789PersonalA 17
Gore, Reubin Culpeper 1791PersonalA 10
Gore, Thomas Loudoun 1789PersonalA 16
Gore, Thomas Loudoun 1789PersonalA 47
Gorely, Joseph Loudoun 1789PersonalA 17
Gorley, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 12
Gormon, William Botetourt 1789PersonalB 04
Gornto, Charles PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, Elizabeth PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, Henry PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, James, Jr PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, John PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, Natthaniel PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gornto, Reuben PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 04
Gornto, William PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 08
Gorral, Oliver Ohio 1790PersonalA 03
Gosing, Henry Hanover 1789PersonalB 05
Gosling, Ezekiel PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 08
Gosling, Peter Loudoun 1789PersonalA 15
Gosnell, Benjamin Halifax 1789PersonalA 12
Gosnell, Peter Halifax 1789PersonalA 12
Gosnell, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 11
Gosney, Benjamin Campbell 1791PersonalA 09
Gosney, Henry Amherst 1790PersonalB 06
Gosney, Richard Culpeper 1791PersonalC 10
Gosock, William, Sen Frederick 1791PersonalA 08
Gosom, Henry Fairfax 1789PersonalA 06
Goss, Stephen Wythe 1793PersonalA 11
Gosset, James Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 16
Gosset, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 17
Gossett, John Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gossett, William, Jun Frederick 1791PersonalA 08
Gossom, John Rockingham 1789PersonalA 11
Gossom, Thomas Fairfax 1789PersonalA 06
Gostlen, Thomas Warwick 1789Personal 02
Gotherd, Bryam John Buckingham 1788PersonalB 05
Gothrop, James Frederick 1791PersonalA 09
Gotsigon, Thomas Northampton 1788PersonalB 04
Gouch, James KingWilliam 1787Personal 12
Gouch, Thomas Henry 1790PersonalA 06
Gouge, Mary Culpeper 1791PersonalA 10
Gouge, Matthew Warwick 1788Land 02
Gouge, Matthew Warwick 1789Personal 02
Gouge, Robert Culpeper 1791PersonalA 10
Gough, George Loudoun 1789PersonalB 03
Gough, Hannah Stafford 1789PersonalA 06
Gough, James Stafford 1789PersonalA 06
Gough, Stephen Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Gough, Winnie Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Goul, William Rockingham 1789PersonalA 11
Goulden, Daniel Norfolk 1790PersonalA 15
Goulding, John Lancaster 1786Personal 06
Gouldman, Francis Essex 1790Personal 11
Gouldman, Richard Essex 1790Personal 10
Gouldman, Thomas Essex 1790Personal 10
Gourd, James Montgomery 1792PersonalC 02
Gourdan, William PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 09
Goure, Amos Loudoun 1789PersonalB 09
Goure, Joseph Loudoun 1789PersonalB 07
Govan, James KingWilliam 1787Personal 11
Gover, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 16
Gover, John, Jr Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 16
Gover, Samuel Loudoun 1789PersonalB 09
Gow, Alexander CityNorfolk 1789Personal 05
Gowdy, John Powhatan 1790Personal 07
Gowen, Thomas PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 05
Gowin, Daniel Bedford 1789PersonalA 04
Gowin, Mary Gloucester 1789PersonalA 06
Gowin, Mary Gloucester 1790LandA 05
Gowin, William Bedford 1789PersonalA 04
Gowing, Benjamin Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Charles Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Claborn Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, David Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gowing, David Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Iasiah Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 18
Gowing, Isaac Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, James Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, John (B Berry) Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, John (Russels Creek) Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Joseph Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gowing, Joshua Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gowing, Nathan Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Sabon Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Shadrack Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowing, Sherwood Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gowing, Thos Albemarle 1789PersonalB 09
Gowing, William Henry 1790PersonalB 07
Gowman, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 11
Gowns, D Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Gowns, R Fairfax 1789PersonalB 07
Goyne, John (exempt) Buckingham 1788PersonalB 05
Goyne, William Buckingham 1788PersonalB 05
Gozling, Robert Fairfax 1789PersonalA 07
Name County Tax List Page
Grabil, John Rockingham 1789PersonalB 10
Grable, Christian Augusta 1790PersonalB 06
Grace, George Orange 1790PersonalB 10
Grace, James Rockingham 1789PersonalA 12
Grace, Phiby PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 08
Gracer, Archibald CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 06
Gracey, Archibald CityPetersburg 1790LandB 04
Gracie, Archibald CityPetersburg 1790LandB 08
Gracie, Archibald CityPetersburg 1790LandB 11
Graduzan, William PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 08
Grady, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 17
Grady, John Culpeper 1791PersonalC 10
Grady, Jonathan Halifax 1789PersonalA 12
Grady, Joshua Albemarle 1789PersonalB 08
Grady, Saml Orange 1790PersonalB 10
Grady, Saml, Junr Orange 1790PersonalB 11
Grady, Wm Orange 1790PersonalB 10
Grafford, Thomas, Jr Fairfax 1789PersonalB 06
Grafton, James KingQueen 1790Land 05
Grafton, James KingQueen 1790PersonalA 05
Grafton, Jane Essex 1790Personal 11
Grafton, Thomas KingQueen 1790Land 05
Grafton, Thomas KingQueen 1790PersonalA 05
Grafton, William KingQueen 1790PersonalA 04
Grag, Boniah Albemarle 1789PersonalA 06
Grag, Elisabeth Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Grag, Robert Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Grag, William, Junr Albemarle 1789PersonalA 07
Gragg, Samuel Pendleton 1792PersonalB 03
Gragg, William, Jr Pendleton 1792PersonalB 03
Gragg, William, Sr Pendleton 1792PersonalB 03
Gragston, Ritchard Ohio 1790PersonalA 03
Graham, Andrew Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 05
Graham, Catesby PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 07
Graham, Christopher Augusta 1790PersonalB 07
Graham, Christopher Augusta 1790PersonalC 05
Graham, Duncan Caroline 1789Land 04
Graham, Duncan Caroline 1789Personal 07
Graham, Edward Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 06
Graham, Elisabeth PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 07
Graham, Elizabeth Northumberland 1788PersonalA 05
Graham, Elizabeth PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 06
Graham, Felix Augusta 1790PersonalC 05
Graham, Francis CityRichmond 1791Personal 07
Graham, George PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 09
Graham, George Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 06
Graham, George, Doct Fauquier 1790PersonalC 10
Graham, Isaac Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 03
Graham, James Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 03
Graham, James PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 07
Graham, James M PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 08
Graham, James, Jr PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 07


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