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1790 - "S" Index (15)

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Name County Tax List Page
Sugin, James Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Suiter, John Wythe 1793PersonalC 12
Suleven, John Franklin 1788PersonalB 25
Suleven, Samuel Franklin 1788PersonalB 26
Sulivan, John PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 15
Sulivan, Thomas Rockingham 1789PersonalA 31
Sullard, Samuel Montgomery 1792PersonalB 09
Sullaven, Gabrel Stafford 1789PersonalA 16
Sullens, Ann KingWilliam 1787Land 13
Sullens, Ann KingWilliam 1787Personal 24
Sullens, Nathan Halifax 1789PersonalB 22
Sullivan, Abraham Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sullivan, Ann Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Sullivan, Charles Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sullivan, Daniel Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 27
Sullivan, Danl CityWinchester 1792Personal 04
Sullivan, Dennis Loudoun 1789PersonalC 10
Sullivan, Eugene JamesCity 1790Personal 06
Sullivan, Gabriel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sullivan, James Culpeper 1791PersonalA 21
Sullivan, James Essex 1790Personal 19
Sullivan, John Lancaster 1786Personal 05
Sullivan, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 16
Sullivan, John Monongalia 1790PersonalA 05
Sullivan, John Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Sullivan, John PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 18
Sullivan, Jonas Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sullivan, William Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sullivant, Charles Halifax 1789PersonalA 26
Sullivant, Clement Halifax 1789PersonalA 26
Sullivant, Jarrell Charlotte 1790PersonalA 13
Sullivant, John Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Sullivant, John Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sullivant, Judith Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sullivant, Lucas Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 40
Sullivant, Manoah Charlotte 1790PersonalA 13
Sullivant, William Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sullivants, Thomas Henry 1790PersonalB 16
Sulser, William Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Sulton, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 23
Sulton, Robert Amherst 1790PersonalA 24
Sulton, William Amherst 1790PersonalA 24
Sumbough, Philip Hardy 1789PersonalA 13
Sumerfield, Richd Botetourt 1789PersonalB 12
Sumers, Paul Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Sumers, Thomas Botetourt 1789PersonalA 11
Sumet, Ann Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Armstead Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sumet, Bailey Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Benjamin Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Daniel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, George Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sumet, John Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sumet, Joseph Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sumet, Judith Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sumet, Lewis Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Tabitha Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Taliaferro Fauquier 1790PersonalC 20
Sumet, Thomas Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Summars, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 39
Summer, Andrew Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Summer, Matthias Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Summerell, Boz G Southampton 1790PersonalB 48
Summerell, George, Jr Southampton 1790PersonalB 45
Summerell, George, Sr Southampton 1790PersonalB 48
Summerell, Henry Southampton 1790PersonalB 45
Summerell, Jacob Southampton 1790PersonalA 29
Summerell, James Southampton 1790PersonalB 45
Summerell, Jeremiah Southampton 1790PersonalB 48
Summerell, Stephen Southampton 1790PersonalB 44
Summerell, Thomas Southampton 1790PersonalB 45
Summerell, William Southampton 1790PersonalA 30
Summerfield, Joseph Pendleton 1792PersonalB 08
Summerfield, Thomas Randolph 1790PersonalB 02
Summerrill, James Fairfax 1789PersonalB 13
Summers, Abraham Surry 1790PersonalB 02
Summers, Adam Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Summers, Benjamin Bedford 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Daniel Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Daniel Frederick 1791PersonalA 19
Summers, Francis Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Francis Loudoun 1789PersonalC 21
Summers, George Fairfax 1789PersonalA 17
Summers, George Loudoun 1789PersonalC 20
Summers, George Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Summers, George Montgomery 1792PersonalB 08
Summers, H Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Hy Loudoun 1789PersonalC 20
Summers, James CityRichmond 1791Personal 16
Summers, James Rockingham 1789PersonalA 30
Summers, Jesse Henry 1790PersonalB 18
Summers, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 24
Summers, John, 3rd Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, John, Jr Augusta 1790PersonalA 23
Summers, John, Jr Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, John, Sr Augusta 1790PersonalA 23
Summers, Mary Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Michael Frederick 1791PersonalB 26
Summers, Michael Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Summers, Paul Bedford 1789PersonalB 14
Summers, Paul Pendleton 1792PersonalA 05
Summers, Philip Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 16
Summers, Richard Gloucester 1789PersonalB 27
Summers, Samuel Henry 1790PersonalB 17
Summers, Thomas Goochland 1789PersonalB 10
Summers, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 19
Summers, William (S of D) Fairfax 1789PersonalA 17
Summers, Zechariah Bedford 1789PersonalB 14
Summersall, John CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 11
Summervil, Samuel Augusta 1790PersonalB 16
Summons, Menday Essex 1790Personal 19
Summons, William Lunenburg 1789PersonalA 11
Sumner, Demsey Nansemond 1789Land 26
Sumner, Demsey Wythe 1793PersonalB 17
Sumner, Ezekiah Montgomery 1792PersonalC 05
Sumner, Hezekiah, Junr Botetourt 1789PersonalC 13
Sumner, Hezikiah Botetourt 1789PersonalC 13
Sumner, James Nansemond 1789Land 26
Sumner, James Wythe 1793PersonalB 17
Sumner, Jethro Nansemond 1789Land 26
Sumner, William Nansemond 1789Land 24
Sumners, Jacob Nansemond 1789Land 24
Sumpter, Edmund Charlotte 1790PersonalB 13
Sumpter, Henry Henry 1790PersonalA 14
Sumpter, John Chesterfield 1791Land 12
Sumpter, John Henry 1790PersonalB 18
Sumpter, Thomas Charlotte 1790PersonalB 12
Sumpter, William Charlotte 1790PersonalB 13
Sumption, Joseph Frederick 1791PersonalA 19
Sumter, George Franklin 1788PersonalB 26
Sumter, John Chesterfield 1790Personal 18
Sumualt{?}, Henry Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 15
Sunker, John Fauquier 1790PersonalC 19
Sunley, Richard Culpeper 1791PersonalC 20
Sunnifrank, Abram Loudoun 1789PersonalB 21
Sunnifrank, Jacob Loudoun 1789PersonalB 21
Suofas, Michael Montgomery 1792PersonalA 10
Supark, Anthony CityPetersburg 1790LandC 01
Supark, Anthony CityPetersburg 1790LandC 06
Supark, Anthony CityPetersburg 1790PersonalC 04
Super{?}, William Henrico 1790PersonalB 14
Supinger, Abraham Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 15
Supinger, Conrod Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Supinger, Jacob Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Supinger, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Supinger, Wolry Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Suple, Birkeheart Wythe 1793PersonalA 27
Surber, Jacob Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 22
Surbra, Joseph Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Sureny{?}, Moses{?} JamesCity 1790Personal 06
Surface, George Rockingham 1789PersonalA 31
Surface, John Rockingham 1789PersonalA 31
Surface, Martin Rockingham 1789PersonalA 31
Surgenor, William Wythe 1793PersonalB 17
Surk, Matthias Loudoun 1789PersonalB 21
Surles, James Gloucester 1789PersonalB 28
Surnney, George Caroline 1789Land 08
Surry, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 21
Surry, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Suter, John Southampton 1790PersonalA 29
Suter, John Henrico 1790PersonalB 14
Suter, William Southampton 1790PersonalA 29
Suter, Winfred Southampton 1790PersonalA 29
Suthard, Alee Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Benjamin Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Francis Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, George Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Isaac Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Suthard, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Levy Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Luis Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suthard, Moses Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Sutherd, John Henrico 1790PersonalA 26
Sutherland, Alexander Wythe 1793PersonalB 16
Sutherland, Clayton PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Sutherland, George Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Sutherland, George Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 38
Sutherland, James Bedford 1789PersonalA 09
Sutherland, James PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Sutherland, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 38
Sutherland, Thomas Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 38
Sutherland, Travis Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Sutherland, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 38
Sutherland, Winding Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Sutherland, Wm Ohio 1790PersonalB 07
Sutlington, Robert Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Sutor, John Stafford 1789PersonalB 10
Sutphen, William Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Sutten, James Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Sutten, John Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Sutten, Moses Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Sutten, Samuel Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Sutten, William Botetourt 1789PersonalA 11
Sutthard, Benjamin Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Suttie, Thomas Northampton 1788PersonalB 10
Suttle, Benjamin Fauquier 1790PersonalB 37
Suttle, Edward Fauquier 1790PersonalB 38
Suttle, Edward Fauquier 1790PersonalB 44
Suttle, George Fauquier 1790PersonalB 37
Suttle, Henry Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Suttle, Lucey Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Suttle, Reuben Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Suttle, Strother PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Suttle, Strother G Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Suttle, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 20
Suttle, William Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Suttle, William (CR) Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Suttle, William (to George) Fauquier 1790PersonalB 37
Suttles, Henry KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Sutton, Amos Loudoun 1789PersonalC 21
Sutton, Christopher Bedford 1789PersonalB 13
Sutton, James Caroline 1789Land 08
Sutton, James Caroline 1789Personal 15
Sutton, James Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 09
Sutton, Jeremiah Richmond 1789PersonalB 06
Sutton, Jesse Westmoreland 1791PersonalA 08
Sutton, John Albemarle 1789PersonalB 17
Sutton, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 25
Sutton, John Caroline 1789Land 08
Sutton, John Caroline 1789Personal 14
Sutton, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 20
Sutton, John Fauquier 1790PersonalA 20
Sutton, John Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Sutton, John Middlesex 1790Personal 09
Sutton, John Orange 1790PersonalA 10
Sutton, Joseph Caroline 1789Land 09
Sutton, Joseph Caroline 1789Personal 14
Sutton, Joseph Greenbrier 1791PersonalB 07
Sutton, Josiah Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 08
Sutton, Martain Botetourt 1789PersonalC 14
Sutton, Olliver Caroline 1789Personal 14
Sutton, Philip Monongalia 1790PersonalA 06
Sutton, Richard Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 09
Sutton, Robert Orange 1790PersonalA 10
Sutton, Steaphen Caroline 1789Personal 14
Sutton, Thomas Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 09
Sutton, William Caroline 1789Land 09
Sutton, William Caroline 1789Personal 15
Sutton, William Fluvanna 1790PersonalB 07
Sutton, William Richmond 1789PersonalB 08
Sutton, Wm Orange 1790PersonalA 10
Sutton, Zachariah Frederick 1791PersonalA 18
Suttonfield, John Montgomery 1792PersonalB 09
Name County Tax List Page
Svert, Walter Harrison 1789PersonalB 02
Name County Tax List Page
Swader, George Amherst 1790PersonalB 12
Swadly, Henry Pendleton 1792PersonalA 05
Swadly, Nicholas Pendleton 1792PersonalA 05
Swain, Arche Fairfax 1789PersonalB 13
Swain, Charles Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Swain, James CharlesCity 1790Land 15
Swain, Joseph Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Swallow, Jacob Augusta 1790PersonalA 25
Swan, Charles Loudoun 1789PersonalB 22
Swan, Charles Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Swan, Eleven Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Swan, Ellick Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Swan, John CityRichmond 1791Personal 16
Swan, Samuel CityRichmond 1791Personal 16
Swan, Thomas Loudoun 1789PersonalB 23
Swan, Thomas T Cumberland 1791PersonalA 09
Swane, Joshua Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Swaney, Michael Loudoun 1789PersonalC 21
Swank, George Loudoun 1789PersonalB 22
Swank, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 22
Swann, Elianor Caroline 1789Personal 14
Swann, John Caroline 1789Personal 14
Swann, John, Sr Powhatan 1790Personal 18
Swann, Jonathan (estate) Caroline 1789Land 09
Swann, Samuel Caroline 1789Personal 14
Swann, Thomas Powhatan 1790Personal 18
Swann, Willis Powhatan 1790Personal 17
Swansburne, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 34
Swanson, Asa Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Swanson, Hannah Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Swanson, John Amherst 1790PersonalB 12
Swanson, John Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Swanson, John Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Swanson, Joyce Brunswick 1788PersonalA 16
Swanson, Margaret Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Swanson, Stephen Northumberland 1788PersonalB 06
Swanson, William Franklin 1788PersonalB 26
Swarm, Joseph Frederick 1791PersonalA 18
Swart, Adrian Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Swart, G Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Swart, Gilbert Loudoun 1789PersonalA 06
Swart, Jno Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Swarts, Bernard Loudoun 1789PersonalA 42
Swarts, Henry PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Swarts, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 41
Swarts, James Loudoun 1789PersonalB 23
Swarts, James PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Swarts, John Loudoun 1789PersonalA 41
Swarts, Leonard Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 23
Swartzle, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Swas, Philip Rockingham 1789PersonalA 30
Swats, John Frederick 1791PersonalA 18
Sweackey, Henry Rockingham 1789PersonalA 32
Swearingin, Leonard Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Swearingin, Van Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Swearingin, Van Ohio 1790PersonalB 07
Sweat, Anthony Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Sweat, William Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Sweeny, William NewKent 1791Personal 17
Sweet, John KingWilliam 1787Personal 24
Swellavin, Philip Fauquier 1790PersonalB 39
Swellin, Clote CityWinchester 1792Personal 10
Sweney, George Wythe ElizabethCity 1790Personal 07
Sweney, John Wythe 1793PersonalB 17
Sweneys, Ann CityNorfolk 1789Personal 10
Swepson, Richard (estate) Mecklenburg 1789Land 24
Swepston, Thomas Hanover 1789PersonalA 16
Swern, Lewis Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 20
Swetnam, John KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Swetnam, William KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Swich, Anthony Loudoun 1789PersonalA 42
Swicher, John Hardy 1789PersonalA 14
Swicher, Nicolas Hardy 1789PersonalA 14
Swick, John Rockingham 1789PersonalB 29
Swift, Cleavers Hanover 1789PersonalB 11
Swift, Flower Wythe 1793PersonalB 17
Swift, Jacob Norfolk 1790PersonalA 30
Swift, Jno (barber) CityWinchester 1792Personal 10
Swift, Samuel Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Swift, Thomas Hanover 1789PersonalB 11
Swilavon, Wm Orange 1790PersonalB 22
Swilevin, Martin KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Swilevin, Peggy KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Swillivan, John Fauquier 1790PersonalA 19
Swillivan, Owen Fauquier 1790PersonalA 19
Swillivant, Benja Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Daniel Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Darby (Yr) Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Darby, Junr Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Darby, Senr Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Frances Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swillivant, Lettuce Stafford 1789PersonalB 09
Swim, Isaac Ohio 1790PersonalB 07
Swindle, George Culpeper 1791PersonalB 24
Swindle, Henry Culpeper 1791PersonalA 20
Swindle, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 20
Swindle, John Culpeper 1791PersonalB 26
Swindle, Joseph Culpeper 1791PersonalB 28
Swindler, David Loudoun 1789PersonalC 21
Swindler, Henry Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Swindler, Jonathan Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Swiney, Edmund PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 17
Swiney, Henry Amherst 1790PersonalB 12
Swiney, Joel Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Swiney, John PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 17
Swiney, William PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 17
Swing, Godfrey Rockingham 1789PersonalB 29
Swink, George Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Swink, Henry Augusta 1790PersonalA 24
Swink, Laurence Augusta 1790PersonalA 24
Swink, Mathias Augusta 1790PersonalA 24
Swink, William Fairfax 1789PersonalB 14
Swinney, Benjamin Franklin 1788PersonalB 24
Swinney, Benjamin Halifax 1789PersonalA 26
Swinney, Bettey Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 11
Swinney, James Montgomery 1792PersonalB 08
Swinny, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 38
Swinny, Mooses Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 38
Swinton, George Caroline 1789Land 09
Swinton, George Caroline 1789Personal 14
Swinton, George KingQueen 1790Land 12
Swinton, George KingQueen 1790PersonalA 09
Swipe, Joseph Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 08
Swiser, Henry Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 02
Swisher, John Rockingham 1789PersonalB 30
Switzer, Henery Botetourt 1789PersonalA 12
Switzer, Henry Augusta 1790PersonalA 24
Switzer, Nathan Botetourt 1789PersonalA 12
Switzer, Peter Monongalia 1790PersonalA 06
Switzer, Phillip Botetourt 1789PersonalB 11
Switzer, William Botetourt 1789PersonalA 11
Swollow, Andrew Wythe 1793PersonalA 25
Swoope, Jacob Augusta 1790PersonalA 23
Swope, John Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 08
Swope, Michal Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 08
Sword, Benjamin KingQueen 1790PersonalB 12
Sword, John Botetourt 1789PersonalB 12
Sword, Philip Russell 1790PersonalB 16
Swords, William CityWinchester 1792Personal 10
Name County Tax List Page
Sybert, Nicolas Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Sybole, Isaac Loudoun 1789PersonalA 42
Sybole, Jasper Loudoun 1789PersonalA 41
Sybole, John Loudoun 1789PersonalA 42
Sybole, Rebekah Loudoun 1789PersonalA 42
Sydmer, William Frederick 1791PersonalB 26
Sydner, Ann Hanover 1789LandB 13
Sydner, Ann Hanover 1789PersonalA 15
Sydner, Robert (estate) Hanover 1789LandA 06
Sydner, Robert, Jr Hanover 1789PersonalA 16
Sydner, William Hanover 1789PersonalB 10
Sydnor, Anthoney CityRichmond 1791Personal 16
Sydnor, Anthony Dinwiddie 1790LandA 13
Sydnor, Anthony Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 34
Sydnor, Anthony Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Sydnor, Anthony (estate) Richmond 1789PersonalA 10
Sydnor, Dew Richmond 1789PersonalA 10
Sydnor, Epa Richmond 1789PersonalA 11
Sydnor, Fertinatin Hanover 1789LandB 13
Sydnor, Frances Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sydnor, Frances Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Sydnor, Francis Lancaster 1786Personal 03
Sydnor, Giles Richmond 1789PersonalA 10
Sydnor, John Northumberland 1788PersonalB 04
Sydnor, John Richmond 1789PersonalA 11
Sydnor, Joseph Dinwiddie 1790LandA 13
Sydnor, William Halifax 1789PersonalB 23
Sydnor, William Lancaster 1786Personal 02
Sydnor, William Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sydnor, William Lancaster 1789Land 10
Sydnor, William Nottoway 1791Personal 21
Syfrett, George Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Syfrett, Laurence Frederick 1791PersonalB 27
Sykes, Andrew IsleWight 1790PersonalB 16
Sykes, Barnard PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 13
Sykes, Benjamin Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Sykes, G KingQueen 1790Land 02
Sykes, John Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Sykes, John IsleWight 1790PersonalB 16
Sykes, Richard PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 13
Sykes, Thomas PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 13
Sykes, William Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Syme, John Hanover 1789LandA 06
Syme, John Hanover 1789PersonalB 11
Syme, John, Col (NC) Hanover 1789LandB 19
Syme, Nicholas Hanover 1789PersonalA 16
Symons, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 27
Syms, James Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Syms, Richard Caroline 1789Land 09
Syms, Richard Caroline 1789Personal 15
Symson, John Halifax 1789PersonalA 27
Syner, Jno Culpeper 1791PersonalB 27
Syowe, John, Col Hanover 1789LandB 13
Sysern{?}, Andrew Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 16


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