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1790 - "T" Index (4)

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Name County Tax List Page
Thomas, Minsca Brunswick 1788PersonalA 17
Thomas, Moody IsleWight 1790PersonalB 18
Thomas, Mordicai Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomas, Morris Hardy 1789PersonalB 09
Thomas, Moses Loudoun 1789PersonalA 43
Thomas, Moses Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Thomas, Moses Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Thomas, Nathan Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Thomas, Nathan Monongalia 1790PersonalA 06
Thomas, Nathan Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Thomas, Nathan Wythe 1793PersonalB 18
Thomas, Nathanial Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 45
Thomas, Nathaniel CityRichmond 1791Personal 17
Thomas, Norborn Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thomas, Obediance Russell 1790PersonalA 14
Thomas, Owen Loudoun 1789PersonalA 43
Thomas, Owen Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Thomas, Peter Mecklenburg 1789Land 26
Thomas, Peter Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 45
Thomas, Peter Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, Peyton Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 45
Thomas, Phenhaus Cumberland 1791PersonalB 12
Thomas, Philemon Essex 1790Personal 20
Thomas, Philip Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Thomas, Phillip Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Thomas, Phillip IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Thomas, Price KingGeorge 1792Personal 05
Thomas, Ralph Albemarle 1789PersonalA 19
Thomas, Ralph CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 12
Thomas, Rawliegh Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, Reece Rockingham 1789PersonalA 34
Thomas, Reuben Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thomas, Reubin Washington 1787PersonalB 12
Thomas, Richard Pendleton 1792PersonalA 06
Thomas, Richard Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Thomas, Richard Surry 1790PersonalB 22
Thomas, Robert Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Thomas, Robert Dinwiddie 1790PersonalA 12
Thomas, Robert Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Thomas, Robert Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Thomas, Robert Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thomas, Robert, Jr Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Thomas, Robt Culpeper 1791PersonalB 28
Thomas, Rodham Lancaster 1786Personal 02
Thomas, Rowland CityRichmond 1791Personal 17
Thomas, Saml Kanawha 1792Personal 01
Thomas, Samson Frederick 1791PersonalB 30
Thomas, Samuel Essex 1790Personal 20
Thomas, Samuel Warwick 1788Land 04
Thomas, Samuel Warwick 1789Personal 04
Thomas, Samuel, Jr Warwick 1789Personal 04
Thomas, Sarah Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thomas, Simon Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Thomas, Spencer Loudoun 1789PersonalA 16
Thomas, Spencer Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Thomas, Spencer Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, Susanah PrinceGeorge 1790Land 15
Thomas, Tarpley Lancaster 1786Personal 03
Thomas, Tarpley Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, Thomas Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Thomas, Thomas Essex 1790Personal 20
Thomas, Thomas Frederick 1791PersonalB 29
Thomas, Thomas Richmond 1789PersonalA 12
Thomas, Widow Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thomas, William Essex 1790Personal 20
Thomas, William Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Thomas, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Thomas, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Thomas, William Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Thomas, William Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Thomas, William Gloucester 1790LandB 12
Thomas, William Loudoun 1789PersonalA 44
Thomas, William Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Thomas, William Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Thomas, William NewKent 1790Land 12
Thomas, William NewKent 1791Personal 18
Thomas, William NewKent 1791Personal 19
Thomas, William Northampton 1788PersonalA 09
Thomas, William Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, William Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thomas, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 44
Thomas, William PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Thomas, William Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Thomas, William Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Thomas, William Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 16
Thomas, William Southampton 1790PersonalA 32
Thomas, William Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 10
Thomas, William Wythe 1793PersonalA 28
Thomas, William, Jr Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 44
Thomas, Winney Northumberland 1788PersonalB 07
Thomas, Woodlief Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thomas, Wynn Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 43
Thomas, Zachariah Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Thomason, Byass Orange 1790PersonalA 11
Thomason, Elizabeth Fluvanna 1790PersonalB 07
Thomason, John Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Thomasson, John Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Thomasson, John Jr Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Thomasson, Peter Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Thomasson, Samuel Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Thomerson, Arnold PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 11
Thomerson, George Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Thomerson, William Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Thomhill, Thomas Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Thomis, Thickston Hardy 1789PersonalB 09
Thommas, James Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Thommas, Peter PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 19
Thommason, William Turner Henry 1790PersonalB 19
Thompkins, Giles Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Thompkins, Laurance Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thompkins, Sarah Hanover 1789LandB 15
Thompson, Abram B Chesterfield 1791Land 02
Thompson, Alexander Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, Alexander Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Thompson, Alexander Rockingham 1789PersonalA 33
Thompson, Alexander, Col Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, Andrew Augusta 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, Andrew Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Thompson, Andrew Campbell 1791PersonalB 34
Thompson, Andrew Franklin 1788PersonalB 28
Thompson, Andrew Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Thompson, Andrew Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thompson, Ann Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, Ann Surry 1790PersonalA 14
Thompson, Archibald Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, Benjamin Rockingham 1789PersonalA 33
Thompson, Bernard Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Thompson, Brothers Gloucester 1789PersonalB 30
Thompson, Carter PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Thompson, Cathern Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, Charles Lunenburg 1789PersonalA 12
Thompson, David Lunenburg 1789PersonalA 12
Thompson, David Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 11
Thompson, David Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, David Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Thompson, Edward Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Thompson, Edward Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thompson, Edwd Orange 1790PersonalA 11
Thompson, Elijah Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Thompson, Elinor Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Thompson, Elizabeth Loudoun 1789PersonalA 44
Thompson, Ellen PrinceGeorge 1790Land 15
Thompson, Elswick Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, Gennings Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 43
Thompson, George Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thompson, George Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thompson, George Fluvanna 1790PersonalB 08
Thompson, George Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thompson, George Gloucester 1790LandB 12
Thompson, George Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, George Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 44
Thompson, Henery Harrison 1789PersonalB 01
Thompson, Henry Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Thompson, Henry Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, Henry, Jr Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Thompson, Henry, Sr Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Thompson, Herman Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Thompson, Isaac Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Thompson, Isaac Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Thompson, Isaac, Jr Loudoun 1789PersonalA 44
Thompson, Israel Loudoun 1789PersonalB 25
Thompson, James Albemarle 1789PersonalB 19
Thompson, James Amelia 1790Personal 15
Thompson, James Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, James Botetourt 1789PersonalC 15
Thompson, James Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thompson, James Goochland 1789PersonalA 09
Thompson, James Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Thompson, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 10
Thompson, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Thompson, James Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 12
Thompson, James Montgomery 1792PersonalC 05
Thompson, James Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 43
Thompson, James Randolph 1790PersonalB 01
Thompson, James Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, James Washington 1787PersonalB 12
Thompson, James Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thompson, James (Black Smith) Fauquier 1790PersonalC 21
Thompson, James (S Creek) Henry 1790PersonalB 19
Thompson, James (son of James) Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, James (Spoon Creek) Henry 1790PersonalB 19
Thompson, James (taylor) Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thompson, Jeremiah CharlesCity 1790Land 15
Thompson, Jeremiah CharlesCity 1790Personal 16
Thompson, Jno (black smith) Culpeper 1791PersonalB 30
Thompson, Jno (merct) Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thompson, Joel Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, Joel Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, John Albemarle 1789PersonalB 18
Thompson, John Amelia 1790Personal 15
Thompson, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, John Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, John Augusta 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, John Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, John Campbell 1791PersonalA 22
Thompson, John Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Thompson, John Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thompson, John Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thompson, John Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thompson, John Dinwiddie 1790LandA 14
Thompson, John Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, John Fauquier 1790PersonalC 21
Thompson, John Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Thompson, John Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thompson, John Gloucester 1789PersonalB 30
Thompson, John Halifax 1789PersonalA 28
Thompson, John Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Thompson, John Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Thompson, John Montgomery 1792PersonalA 10
Thompson, John Montgomery 1792PersonalA 10
Thompson, John Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, John Nansemond 1789Land 26
Thompson, John NewKent 1790Land 12
Thompson, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 40
Thompson, John PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Thompson, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Thompson, John Russell 1790PersonalB 18
Thompson, John Stafford 1789PersonalB 10
Thompson, John Surry 1790PersonalB 22
Thompson, John Westmoreland 1791PersonalA 08
Thompson, John Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 09
Thompson, John Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thompson, John Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Thompson, John (son of James) Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, John (Stilter) Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, John, Jr NewKent 1791Personal 18
Thompson, John, Jr Surry 1790PersonalB 22
Thompson, John, Sr Campbell 1791PersonalB 34
Thompson, John, Sr Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Thompson, John, Sr NewKent 1791Personal 18
Thompson, Joseph Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, Joseph Augusta 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, Joseph Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Thompson, Joseph Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Thompson, Joseph Loudoun 1789PersonalA 44
Thompson, Joseph Norfolk 1790PersonalA 32
Thompson, Joseph Rockingham 1789PersonalB 31
Thompson, Joseph (Smith) Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, Joshua (son of James) Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, Josiah Amelia 1790Personal 15
Thompson, Josiah Amelia 1791Land 12
Thompson, Josiah Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Thompson, Josiah Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thompson, Leavenston Amelia 1791Land 11
Thompson, Lemuel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 21
Thompson, Leventon Amelia 1790Personal 16
Thompson, Lomax Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Thompson, Margaret Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, Margret (of Lunenburg) Brunswick 1788PersonalB 27
Thompson, Marjaran Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Thompson, Mary CharlesCity 1790Land 15
Thompson, Mary CharlesCity 1790Personal 16
Thompson, Mary Lunenburg 1789PersonalA 12
Thompson, Mary Henrico 1790PersonalB 15
Thompson, Mathew Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, Nathaniel Hanover 1789PersonalA 18
Thompson, Nathaniel Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Thompson, Nathaniel Surry 1790PersonalA 14
Thompson, Nathaniel Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, Neal Cumberland 1791PersonalB 12
Thompson, Nicholas Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, Patience Powhatan 1790Personal 20
Thompson, Patton Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, Phil R Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thompson, Philemon (son of Herman) Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Thompson, Philip Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, Philip Surry 1790PersonalB 22
Thompson, Randolph Nottoway 1791Personal 23
Thompson, Ratliff Russell 1790PersonalB 18
Thompson, Richard Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Thompson, Richard Montgomery 1792PersonalC 05
Thompson, Richard Russell 1790PersonalB 18
Thompson, Richd Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Thompson, Robert Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Thompson, Robert Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, Robert Buckingham 1788PersonalA 07
Thompson, Robert Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Thompson, Robert PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Thompson, Robert York 1790Personal 13
Thompson, Roger Albemarle 1789PersonalB 18
Thompson, Roger Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Thompson, Roger PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Thompson, Sameul Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 43
Thompson, Samuel Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Thompson, Samuel Loudoun 1789PersonalB 25
Thompson, Samuel Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, Samuel Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Thompson, Samuel Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, Samuel (son of Herman) Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Thompson, Sarah CharlesCity 1790Personal 16
Thompson, Sarah Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Thompson, Sarah Washington 1787PersonalB 12
Thompson, Sim Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, Simm Surry 1790PersonalB 22
Thompson, Smith Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, Stepen Russell 1790PersonalA 14
Thompson, Stephen Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, Susanah PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 14
Thompson, Thomas Augusta 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, Thomas Augusta 1790PersonalC 13
Thompson, Thomas Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Thompson, Thomas Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Thompson, Thomas PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Thompson, Thomas PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 10
Thompson, Thomas Henrico 1790PersonalB 15
Thompson, Thomas Swan Amelia 1790Personal 15
Thompson, William Albemarle 1789PersonalB 19
Thompson, William Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, William Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, William CityRichmond 1791Personal 17
Thompson, William Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thompson, William Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thompson, William Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, William Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Thompson, William Franklin 1788PersonalB 28
Thompson, William Franklin 1788PersonalB 28
Thompson, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thompson, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thompson, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 28
Thompson, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Thompson, William Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Thompson, William Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Thompson, William Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, William NewKent 1791Personal 03
Thompson, William Norfolk 1790PersonalA 32
Thompson, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Thompson, William PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 05
Thompson, William Russell 1790PersonalB 18
Thompson, William Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 22
Thompson, William Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, William Surry 1790PersonalA 14
Thompson, William Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thompson, William Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thompson, William (estate) Dinwiddie 1790LandA 14
Thompson, William (Neglect) Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Thompson, William (son of John) Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Thompson, William E Surry 1790Land 20
Thompson, William E Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thompson, William, Jr Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Thompson, William, Sr Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Thompson, Winny Culpeper 1791PersonalB 28
Thompson, Wm Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Thompson, Wm CityWinchester 1792Personal 05
Thompson, Wm Harrison 1789PersonalB 02
Thompson, Wm Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 13
Thompson, Wm Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Thomson, Alexander Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Thomson, Ann CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 12
Thomson, Ann, Mrs CityPetersburg 1790LandB 16
Thomson, Anne Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Thomson, Archebald Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Thomson, Benjamin Hanover 1789PersonalA 17
Thomson, Caleb Frederick 1791PersonalB 30
Thomson, Charles Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, David Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, David Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, Edmund Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, Edmund Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, Francis JamesCity 1790Personal 07
Thomson, James Monongalia 1790PersonalA 07
Thomson, Jeffrey Harrison 1789PersonalC 02
Thomson, John Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Thomson, John Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, John Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, John Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, John Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, John KingQueen 1790PersonalA 10
Thomson, John Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Thomson, John Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, John, Doc (estate) Dinwiddie 1790LandB 11
Thomson, John, Jun Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, Joseph Hanover 1789LandB 15
Thomson, Mary Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, Mrs CityPetersburg 1790LandB 07
Thomson, Nathaniel (BN) Hanover 1789LandB 15
Thomson, Nathaniel, Jr Hanover 1789PersonalA 17
Thomson, Nathaniel, Sr Hanover 1789LandB 14
Thomson, Nelson Albemarle 1789PersonalB 18
Thomson, Nelson Hanover 1789LandA 06
Thomson, Peter Northampton 1788PersonalA 09
Thomson, Phillip M Culpeper 1791PersonalA 23
Thomson, Richard Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, Richard Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, Robert Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, Thomas Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, Thomas Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 10
Thomson, Thomas Swann Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Thomson, Waddy (Louisa) Albemarle 1789PersonalB 18
Thomson, William Frederick 1791PersonalB 29
Thomson, William Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Thomson, William Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thomson, William Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thomson, William KingGeorge 1792Personal 06
Thomson, William, Jr Hanover 1789LandA 06
Thomson, William, Jr Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thorn, Fredrick Hardy 1789PersonalA 15
Thorn, George Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Thorn, John Hardy 1789PersonalA 15
Thorn, John PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 19
Thorn, Peter Hardy 1789PersonalA 15
Thorn, William Surry 1790PersonalB 23
Thornal, William, Jr Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Thornal, William, Sr Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Thornberry, Daniel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thornberry, Elija Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thornberry, Francis Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Thornberry, Francis PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Thornberry, Henry PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Thornberry, John Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thornberry, Samuel Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thornberry, Samuel, Jr Fauquier 1790PersonalC 21
Thornberry, Zachariah Fauquier 1790PersonalC 22
Thornbury, Daniel Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Thorne, Barton Culpeper 1791PersonalA 23
Thorne, Perigrin Culpeper 1791PersonalA 23
Thornell, Elizabeth Culpeper 1791PersonalC 23
Thornhill, Absalam Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Thornhill, Charles Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Thornhill, Elijah Fauquier 1790PersonalA 20
Thornhill, Henry Rockingham 1789PersonalB 32
Thornhill, Jessee Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Thornhill, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Thornhill, Reubin Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Thornhill, William Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Thornhill, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 20
Thornhill, William Harrison 1789PersonalC 02
Thorns, Richard Accomack 1788PersonalB 22
Thornsberry, Francis Fauquier 1790PersonalA 04
Thornton, Anthony Caroline 1789Land 10
Thornton, Anthony Caroline 1789Personal 16
Thornton, Anthony Loudoun 1789PersonalC 15
Thornton, Benjamin Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Thornton, Boswell Orange 1790PersonalA 11
Thornton, Caleb Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, Charles Caroline 1789Personal 16
Thornton, Charles Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Thornton, Daniel Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, Daniel, Jun Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, Edward Accomack 1788PersonalB 20
Thornton, Edward, Jr Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, Francis Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Thornton, Francis Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Thornton, Francis Gloucester 1789PersonalA 15
Thornton, Francis Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Thornton, Geo Kanawha 1792Personal 01
Thornton, George Orange 1790PersonalA 11
Thornton, Henry Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Thornton, Henry Washington 1787PersonalB 12
Thornton, James (Island) Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, James (no land) Mecklenburg 1789Land 26
Thornton, James (weaver) Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, James, Jr Accomack 1788PersonalB 22
Thornton, James, Jur Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, James, Sen Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, Jessee CityRichmond 1791Personal 17
Thornton, John Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, John Accomack 1788PersonalB 22
Thornton, John Culpeper 1791PersonalA 23
Thornton, John Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Thornton, John Franklin 1788PersonalB 27
Thornton, John Hanover 1789LandA 07
Thornton, John Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Thornton, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 16
Thornton, John Westmoreland 1791PersonalB 10
Thornton, John, Jr Richmond 1789PersonalA 12
Thornton, John, Sr Richmond 1789PersonalA 12
Thornton, Joshua Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, Meaux Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Thornton, Meaux Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Thornton, Peter Presley Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 40
Thornton, Presley Caroline 1789Land 10
Thornton, Presley Caroline 1789Personal 16
Thornton, Presley Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Thornton, Presley Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Thornton, Presly Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Thornton, Rebeccah (Island) Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, Redman Richmond 1789PersonalB 05
Thornton, Reuben Culpeper 1791PersonalC 22
Thornton, Reuben Hanover 1789PersonalA 19
Thornton, Reubin Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Thornton, Richd Orange 1790PersonalB 23
Thornton, Robert Monongalia 1790PersonalB 05
Thornton, Robert Richmond 1789PersonalB 03
Thornton, Rubin Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Thornton, Sterling Caroline 1789Personal 17
Thornton, Sterling Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Thornton, Sterling (estate) Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Thornton, Thomas PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalB 13
Thornton, Thomas (Clk) PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 19
Thornton, William Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Thornton, William Accomack 1788PersonalB 22
Thornton, William Brunswick 1788PersonalB 27
Thornton, William Caroline 1789Personal 15
Thornton, William Culpeper 1791PersonalA 23
Thornton, William KingGeorge 1792Personal 06


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