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1790 - "T" Index (6)

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Name County Tax List Page
Tolle, Roger Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tolle, Stephen Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tolle, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Toller, Joseph Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Tollet, John Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Tollman, William Northampton 1788PersonalB 11
Tolloss, John Bedford 1789PersonalA 10
Tolly, Christian Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Tolly, John Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Tolly, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Tolly, Joseph Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Tolly, William Dinwiddie 1790LandA 07
Tolman, William Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Tolson, Benjamin Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Tolson, Elizabeth Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Tolson, Joanna Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Tolson, Thomas Stafford 1789PersonalA 17
Tomason, George Hanover 1789PersonalA 17
Tomason, William Hanover 1789LandB 15
Tomason, William Hanover 1789PersonalA 17
Tomblin, Walker KingWilliam 1787Land 14
Tomblin, Walker KingWilliam 1787Personal 25
Tomblin, William Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Tombs, David Amherst 1790PersonalA 07
Tombs, Robert KingWilliam 1787Personal 27
Tombs, Robert, Jr KingWilliam 1787Personal 27
Tome, John Rockbridge 1789PersonalA 13
Tomerson, George Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 35
Tomesson, Banister Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tomesson, Frances Mecklenburg 1789Land 26
Tomesson, John Mecklenburg 1789Land 25
Tomesson, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tomesson, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tomkies, Charles Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Tomkies, Charles Gloucester 1790LandB 11
Tomkies, Charles Gloucester 1790LandB 12
Tomkies, Mary Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Tomkies, Mordica Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Tomkies, Morgan Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Tomkins, Charles, Jr Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Tomkins, Edward Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Tomkins, Hannah Gloucester 1790LandB 12
Tomkins, James ElizabethCity 1790Personal 04
Tomkins, James ElizabethCity 1790Personal 07
Tomkins, James Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Tomkins, Jonathan Loudoun 1789PersonalB 13
Tomkins, Mary Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Tomkins, Morgan Gloucester 1789PersonalA 15
Tomkins, Thomas Gloucester 1789PersonalA 15
Tomkins, William Gloucester 1790LandB 12
Tomkinson, Hamilton Hanover 1789LandB 10
Tomley, Michael Frederick 1791PersonalB 29
Tomlin, Arthur IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Tomlin, James IsleWight 1790PersonalB 18
Tomlin, John Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Tomlin, John IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Tomlin, John, Jr Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Tomlin, Joseph Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 44
Tomlin, Matthew IsleWight 1790PersonalB 18
Tomlin, Nicholas IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Tomlin, Robert Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Tomlin, Robert, Jr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Tomlin, Robert, Jr Richmond 1789PersonalB 09
Tomlin, Robert, Sr IsleWight 1790PersonalB 17
Tomlin, Samuel Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tomlin, Thomas Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Tomlin, Walker Richmond 1789PersonalA 12
Tomlin, William Fauquier 1790PersonalA 21
Tomlindson, Edward Greenbrier 1791PersonalB 07
Tomling, John Frederick 1791PersonalB 30
Tomlins, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 42
Tomlins, Solomon Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Tomlinson, Alexander Sussex 1789PersonalB 15
Tomlinson, Ambrose Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Tomlinson, Benj Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 11
Tomlinson, Benjamin Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tomlinson, Burwell Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tomlinson, Hamilton Hanover 1789LandB 15
Tomlinson, Hamlenton Hanover 1789PersonalA 18
Tomlinson, Harris Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 11
Tomlinson, Jno Orange 1790PersonalA 11
Tomlinson, John Sussex 1789PersonalB 15
Tomlinson, Lucas Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Tomlinson, Richard Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tomlinson, Samuel Norfolk 1790PersonalA 32
Tomlinson, Thomas Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tomlinson, William Greensville 1789PersonalB 08
Tomlinson, William Norfolk 1790PersonalA 32
Tomlinson, William, Sr Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tommerson, Aaron Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Tommons, George Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 18
Tompkins, Ann Caroline 1789Land 09
Tompkins, Ann Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompkins, Ann Northampton 1788PersonalB 11
Tompkins, Benjamin Caroline 1789Land 10
Tompkins, Benjamin Caroline 1789Personal 17
Tompkins, Bennet Northampton 1788PersonalB 11
Tompkins, Bennett Caroline 1789Personal 15
Tompkins, Christopher KingWilliam 1787Land 14
Tompkins, Christopher KingWilliam 1787Personal 25
Tompkins, Daneil Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 42
Tompkins, Francis Caroline 1789Land 09
Tompkins, Francis Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompkins, James Caroline 1789Land 09
Tompkins, James Caroline 1789Personal 15
Tompkins, John Caroline 1789Personal 17
Tompkins, John Northampton 1788PersonalA 09
Tompkins, Richard Caroline 1789Personal 15
Tompkins, Robert Caroline 1789Land 10
Tompkins, Robert Caroline 1789Personal 15
Tompkins, Robert Caroline 1789Personal 17
Tompkins, Samuel Halifax 1789PersonalA 28
Tompkins, Samuel Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Tompkins, Sarah Hanover 1789PersonalA 18
Tompkins, William Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Tompkins, William Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompkins, William Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Tompson, Adam KingWilliam 1787Personal 27
Tompson, Andrew Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tompson, Benjamin Henrico 1790PersonalA 14
Tompson, Charles Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 45
Tompson, Cornelius (exempt) Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Tompson, Daniel Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Tompson, David Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Tompson, Edward Mecklenburg 1789Land 26
Tompson, Edward Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, George Caroline 1789Personal 17
Tompson, George KingWilliam 1787Personal 26
Tompson, Gervis Monongalia 1790PersonalB 01
Tompson, Henry Gloucester 1789PersonalA 15
Tompson, Jacob (Negro) Northampton 1788PersonalB 11
Tompson, James Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tompson, James Mecklenburg 1789Land 27
Tompson, James Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 43
Tompson, James Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, James Southampton 1790PersonalA 16
Tompson, James (son Anney) Mecklenburg 1789Land 26
Tompson, James M Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 45
Tompson, James, Revd Fauquier 1790PersonalA 22
Tompson, John Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Tompson, John Caroline 1789Land 09
Tompson, John Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompson, John Mecklenburg 1789Land 25
Tompson, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 43
Tompson, John Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, John Monongalia 1790PersonalB 01
Tompson, John, Jr Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompson, Margerett Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Tompson, Martin Monongalia 1790PersonalB 01
Tompson, Nathaniel Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Tompson, Richard Mecklenburg 1789Land 25
Tompson, Richard Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, Richard Henrico 1790PersonalA 29
Tompson, Richard, Jr Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 43
Tompson, Robert Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, Samuel (exempt) Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Tompson, Samuel, Jr Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Tompson, Sarah Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tompson, Solomon Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Tompson, Theophilus Norfolk 1790PersonalB 19
Tompson, William Fairfax 1789PersonalA 18
Tompson, William Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Tompson, William Gloucester 1789PersonalA 15
Tompson, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 44
Tompson, William Henrico 1790PersonalA 28
Toms, Edward T Amelia 1790Personal 15
Toms, Edward T Chesterfield 1791Land 06
Toms, Joseph Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Toms, Thomas Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Tomson, Eli Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Tomson, Henry Fauquier 1790PersonalB 41
Tomson, James Ohio 1790PersonalB 08
Tomson, Jason Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Tomson, Jessey Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Tomson, John Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Tomson, Joshua Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Tomson, Loderick Southampton 1790PersonalA 31
Tomson, Loderick Southampton 1790PersonalA 32
Tomson, William Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Toney, Archebald CityRichmond 1791Personal 17
Toney, Bishop Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Toney, Danl Kanawha 1792Personal 03
Toney, Edmund Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Toney, Edmund, Jr Powhatan 1790Personal 20
Toney, Edmund, Sr Powhatan 1790Personal 19
Toney, George Montgomery 1792PersonalA 10
Toney, James Powhatan 1790Personal 19
Toney, Jesse Albemarle 1789PersonalA 18
Toney, John Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Toney, John Powhatan 1790Personal 19
Toney, Pendexter Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Toney, Pendictio Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Toney, Peter (free Negro) Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Toney, William Franklin 1788PersonalA 18
Toney, William Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Tonget, Thomas Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Tongett, Fielding Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Tongett, Jeremiah Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Tonner, John Wythe 1793PersonalB 18
Tony, Aaron Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Tony, Charles Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Tony, Edmund Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Tony, Edmund Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Tony, John, Jr Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Tony, John, Sr Buckingham 1788PersonalA 13
Tooke, Dempsey Greensville 1789PersonalA 09
Tool, Garrett Middlesex 1790Personal 09
Tool, J York 1791Land 02
Tool, James Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Tool, Richard (estate) Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Tool, William Henrico 1790PersonalA 04
Toole, John Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Toole, John, Jr Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Toole, William Fauquier 1790PersonalC 21
Tooley, Herbert Norfolk 1790PersonalB 18
Tooley, John, Jr Amherst 1790PersonalB 14
Tooley, John, Sr Amherst 1790PersonalB 14
Tooley, Sarah PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 15
Tooley, Thomas PrincessAnne 1791PersonalB 15
Tooley, William Albemarle 1789PersonalA 19
Toombs, Ambrose Caroline 1789Personal 13
Toombs, Edmund Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Toombs, Emanuel Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Toombs, George KingWilliam 1787Personal 26
Toombs, Mary KingWilliam 1787Land 15
Toombs, Mary KingWilliam 1787Personal 26
Toombs, Thomas Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Toombs, William PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 11
Toomer, John York 1790Personal 13
Toomer, John York 1791Land 06
Toomer, Thomas Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Toomey, Michael Botetourt 1789PersonalB 13
Tooms, William Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Toone, Thomas PrincessAnne 1790PersonalA 10
Toone, William Mecklenburg 1790PersonalB 37
Toops, John Pendleton 1792PersonalB 08
Top, Vinson Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Topperman, Henry Loudoun 1789PersonalB 25
Topperman, Peter Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Topperman, Peter Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Topping, David Northampton 1788PersonalB 11
Topping, Garret Accomack 1788PersonalA 26
Topping, George Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Topping, John Accomack 1788PersonalA 26
Topping, Robinson Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Topping, Robinson, Jr Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Topping, Smith Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Torance, George PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 14
Toremon, Andrew Rockingham 1789PersonalB 32
Torian, Andrew Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Torian, Andrew, Jr Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Torian, Peter Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Torpin, Moses Botetourt 1789PersonalC 14
Torrence, Robert CityPetersburg 1790PersonalB 05
Torrill, Charles L Campbell 1791PersonalA 14
Tosh, James Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Tosh, Jonathan Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Totardell, Charles Norfolk 1790PersonalA 32
Totes, Benjamin Hanover 1789LandB 14
Totten, John Wythe 1793PersonalC 13
Tottey, William Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Totton, Jas Loudoun 1789PersonalA 41
Totton, John Ohio 1790PersonalB 08
Totty, Olive Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Toulson, Partrick Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Toulson, Thomas Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Toulson, Thomas, Jr Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Tourman, Thomas Goochland 1789PersonalA 10
Towal, John Augusta 1790PersonalB 18
Towalin, Joseph Henry 1790PersonalA 15
Towathans{?}, William Nansemond 1789Land 28
Towel, John Wythe 1793PersonalA 28
Towell, Mark Lancaster 1786Personal 07
Towensend, Robert Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Towers, John Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Towlar, Ann KingWilliam 1787Land 15
Towlar, Ann KingWilliam 1787Personal 27
Towlar, Matthew KingWilliam 1787Land 14
Towlar, Matthew KingWilliam 1787Personal 25
Towlar, William KingWilliam 1787Land 14
Towlar, William KingWilliam 1787Personal 25
Towler, Absalom Powhatan 1790Personal 03
Towler, Benjamin Dinwiddie 1790LandA 14
Towler, Benjamin Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Towler, George Goochland 1789PersonalB 01
Towler, George Goochland 1789PersonalB 11
Towler, Godfrey Goochland 1789PersonalB 11
Towler, James Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Towler, Japheth Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Towler, Lemuel Cumberland 1791PersonalB 12
Towler, Luke CharlesCity 1790Land 15
Towler, Luke CharlesCity 1790Personal 16
Towler, Mary Goochland 1789PersonalB 11
Towler, William Goochland 1789PersonalB 11
Towles, Henry Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Towles, Henry Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Towles, Henry Lancaster 1786Personal 03
Towles, Henry Lancaster 1789Land 11
Towles, Henry, Captn Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Towles, Joseph Culpeper 1791PersonalB 29
Towles, Stoakley Culpeper 1791PersonalA 22
Towling, John Ohio 1790PersonalB 08
Towner, Jacob Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Townes, Allin Amelia 1790Personal 15
Townes, James Amelia 1790Personal 15
Townes, James Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Townes, Joel Charlotte 1790PersonalA 14
Townes, John Amelia 1790Personal 15
Townes, John, Jr Amelia 1790Personal 15
Townes, John, Sr Amelia 1790Personal 15
Townley, Ann Essex 1790Personal 20
Townley, Robert KingQueen 1790Land 13
Townley, Robert KingQueen 1790PersonalB 12
Townley, Sarah Essex 1790Personal 20
Townling, Thomas (exempt) Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Towns, Caleb Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Towns, James Amelia 1791Land 11
Towns, James (estate) PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 11
Towns, John Amelia 1791Land 11
Towns, Joseph Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 35
Towns, Stephen (estate) Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Towns, Thomas Mecklenburg 1790PersonalA 36
Towns, William Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Townsand, Dormond Norfolk 1790PersonalA 33
Townsand, John Hardy 1789PersonalA 15
Townsen, George Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Townsen, Henry (Penhoner) Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Townsend, Ezekiel Augusta 1790PersonalC 14
Townsend, Haynie Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Townsend, John Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Townsend, John Harrison 1789PersonalA 03
Townsend, John Lunenburg 1789PersonalB 11
Townsend, Littleton Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Townsend, Richard Accomack 1788PersonalB 23
Townsend, Richard Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 44
Townsend, Solomon Augusta 1790PersonalC 14
Townsend, Taylor Augusta 1790PersonalC 14
Townsend, Teackle Accomack 1788PersonalB 23
Townsend, Thomas Accomack 1788PersonalB 22
Townshend, Joseph Buckingham 1788PersonalB 12
Townshind, Henry Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Townshind, William Accomack 1788PersonalA 26
Townsing, Robert Shenandoah 1789PersonalA 16
Townsley, George Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Townsley, James Rockbridge 1789PersonalB 15
Townson, Benjamin Pittsylvania 1789PersonalA 41
Townson, Thomas Franklin 1788PersonalB 27
Townswell, Nathaniel Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Toy, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Name County Tax List Page
Trabue, Daniel Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trabue, David (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trabue, Jacob Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trabue, James Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Trabue, John (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trabue, John (listed in Chesterfield) Henrico 1790PersonalB 15
Trabue, John, Jr Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trabue, Joseph Powhatan 1790Personal 19
Trabue, William (estate) Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trace, John Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Trace, John, Jr Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Trace, William Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Tracey, Soloman Bedford 1789PersonalB 15
Tracey, William, Jr Bedford 1789PersonalB 15
Tracey, William, Sr Bedford 1789PersonalB 15
Tracker, Joel Brunswick 1788PersonalB 10
Tracy, Darnce Fluvanna 1790PersonalB 07
Tracy, Ezekiah Monongalia 1790PersonalB 01
Tracy, George Fauquier 1790PersonalB 41
Tracy, Samuel Monongalia 1790PersonalB 04
Tracy, William Fauquier 1790PersonalB 40
Tracy, William Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Trader, Arter, Juner Monongalia 1790PersonalB 05
Trader, Arter, Sener Monongalia 1790PersonalB 06
Trader, Arthur Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Trader, George Accomack 1788PersonalA 26
Trader, Henry Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Trader, Littleton Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Trader, Moses Monongalia 1790PersonalB 06
Trader, Sacker Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Trader, Samuel Accomack 1788PersonalA 26
Trader, William Accomack 1788PersonalA 27
Trahern, Nahemiah Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 42
Trail, Ashford Amherst 1790PersonalA 27
Trail, Charles Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Trail, James Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Trail, Thomas Amherst 1790PersonalA 26
Traind, John Loudoun 1789PersonalB 24
Trainum, David Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Trainum, Samuel Caroline 1789Land 10
Trainum, Samuel, Jr Caroline 1789Personal 16
Tramel, John Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Tramel, Thomas Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Tramell, Thomas Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Tramell, W Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Tramill, Garrard Fairfax 1789PersonalB 15
Trammel, Jeremiah Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Trammel, Mary Fairfax 1789PersonalA 19
Trammill, Daniel Loudoun 1789PersonalC 16
Trammill, Samson Loudoun 1789PersonalC 22
Trammill, Samson, Sr Loudoun 1789PersonalC 23
Traner, James Botetourt 1789PersonalA 13
Trant, Lawrance KingWilliam 1787Land 15
Trant, Lawrance KingWilliam 1787Personal 26
Trapwell, Jacob CharlesCity 1790Personal 16
Trasey, William Montgomery 1792PersonalB 10
Traverse, Edward (estate) Brunswick 1788PersonalA 18
Traverse, William PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 19
Travillian, John Gloucester 1789PersonalA 16
Travillion, Hunley Albemarle 1789PersonalB 19
Travillion, James Albemarle 1789PersonalB 19
Travillion, Thos Albemarle 1789PersonalB 18
Travillon, John Gloucester 1790LandA 13
Travis, Brittain Southampton 1790PersonalB 50
Travis, Champion CityWilliamsburg 1788Personal 03
Travis, Champion JamesCity 1790Personal 07
Travis, Champion JamesCity 1790Land 06
Travis, Charles Southampton 1790PersonalB 49
Travis, George Campbell 1791PersonalA 23
Travis, Henry Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Travis, John PrinceGeorge 1790Land 15
Travis, John PrinceGeorge 1790Personal 13
Travis, John York 1790Personal 13
Travis, John York 1791Land 06
Travis, Peggy Stafford 1789PersonalB 11
Travis, Pyland Sussex 1789PersonalA 13
Travis, Pylant Southampton 1790PersonalB 50
Travis, William Northumberland 1788PersonalA 10
Travise, John Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 42
Travise, William Pittsylvania 1789PersonalB 42
Trawves(?), John Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Traydor, Archibald Accomack 1788PersonalB 20
Traydor, William, Sr Accomack 1788PersonalB 21
Trayhorn, James Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Trayhorn, William Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Trayler, Field Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Traylor, Edward Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 04
Traylor, Edward (exempt) Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Traylor, Field Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Traylor, George Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Traylor, Humphrey Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Traylor, John Dinwiddie 1790LandA 14
Traylor, John Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Traylor, Peter Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Traylor, Thomas Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Traylor, Thomas Halifax 1789PersonalB 24
Traylor, William Dinwiddie 1790PersonalB 17
Traylor, William Halifax 1789PersonalB 25
Traynum, Reubin Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Traynum, William Charlotte 1790PersonalB 14
Treacle, Dawson Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Treacle, John Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Treacle, Richard Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Treacle, William Gloucester 1789PersonalB 29
Treacle, William Northumberland 1788PersonalA 11
Treadway, Moses PrinceEdward 1792PersonalB 11
Treavick, John Shenandoah 1789PersonalB 24
Trebby, Jas Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Trebby, Thomas Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Trebe, William Frederick 1791PersonalA 20
Trebell, William (estate) JamesCity 1790Land 06
Treble, George Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Treble, James Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Treble, Joseph Hanover 1789PersonalB 12
Treble, Peter Halifax 1789PersonalA 29
Tredway, Daniel Loudoun 1789PersonalA 45
Tredway, Moses Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Tremble, David Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Tremble, David Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Tremble, John Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Tremble, John Augusta 1790PersonalA 27
Tremble, Robert Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Tremble, Walter Augusta 1790PersonalA 26
Tremble, William Greenbrier 1791PersonalA 09
Trenary, Samuel Loudoun 1789PersonalA 44
Trenner, Henry Frederick 1791PersonalB 30
Trennes, Peter PrinceWilliam 1788PersonalA 19
Trent, Alexander Amelia 1791Land 11
Trent, Alexander Campbell 1791PersonalA 22
Trent, Alexander Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trent, Alexander Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trent, Alexander Powhatan 1790Personal 19
Trent, Alexander PrinceEdward 1792PersonalA 18
Trent, Alexander Wythe 1793PersonalB 18
Trent, Alexander, Jr Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Trent, Alexander, Jr Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trent, Alexander, Jr Cumberland 1791PersonalA 10
Trent, Alexander, Sr Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Trent, Benjamin Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Trent, Benjamin Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Trent, Elijah Campbell 1791PersonalB 33
Trent, Henry Amherst 1790PersonalB 13
Trent, Henry Fluvanna 1790PersonalA 08
Trent, Henry, Jr Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Trent, Henry, Sr Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Trent, John A Cumberland 1791PersonalB 12
Trent, M{?} Chesterfield 1791Land 09
Trent, Peeter F Cumberland 1791PersonalB 12
Trent, Peterfield Chesterfield 1790Personal 19
Trent, Peterfield Chesterfield 1791Land 13
Trent, Peterfield CityRichmond 1791Personal 17


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