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1800 - "C" Index (11)

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Name County Tax List Page
Coonrod, Jacob Hardy 1799PersonalA 06
Coonrod, John Harrison 1801PersonalB 05
Coons, James Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Coons, Wm Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Coonts, Michael Botetourt 1799PersonalA 04
Coontz, Jacob Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 04
Coontz, Philip Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 10
Coop, David Franklin 1799PersonalB 04
Coop, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, Alexander Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Cooper, Annarito Southampton 1798PersonalA 08
Cooper, Arthur (C) Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cooper, Barnabas Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 04
Cooper, Billy (BM) Augusta 1800PersonalB 04
Cooper, Caleb Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Cooper, Chancellor Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cooper, Charles Botetourt 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, Charles Charlotte 1800PersonalB 04
Cooper, Charles Fauquier 1799PersonalA 03
Cooper, Charles Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Cooper, Dabury Franklin 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, Dan (F Negro) Frederick 1800PersonalB 22
Cooper, Daniel Goochland 1802PersonalB 03
Cooper, Daniel Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cooper, David CityNorfolk 1798Personal 06
Cooper, David Goochland 1802PersonalB 02
Cooper, Drewry Sussex 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, Edmond Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, Edmund Brunswick 1798Personal 07
Cooper, Edwin Sussex 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, Fedrick Surry 1799Land 04
Cooper, Fedrick Surry 1800Personal 09
Cooper, Francis Culpeper 1801PersonalA 07
Cooper, Frederick Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Cooper, Frederick Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 03
Cooper, Fredrick Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, George Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Cooper, George Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Cooper, George Gloucester 1799Personal 24
Cooper, George Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 10
Cooper, George Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 02
Cooper, Henry KingQueen 1798Land 03
Cooper, Henry KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Cooper, Ilir Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, Isham Goochland 1802PersonalB 03
Cooper, Jacob Albemarle 1802PersonalA 06
Cooper, Jacob Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, James Cumberland 1800Personal 07
Cooper, James Essex 1800Personal 05
Cooper, James Fauquier 1799PersonalA 04
Cooper, James Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 05
Cooper, James Norfolk 1799PersonalA 06
Cooper, James PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 04
Cooper, James Sussex 1799PersonalA 04
Cooper, James N ElizabethCity 1798Personal 02
Cooper, Jammy (BM) Augusta 1800PersonalB 04
Cooper, Jeremiah Frederick 1800PersonalB 07
Cooper, Jessee (FN) NewKent 1800Personal 04
Cooper, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 06
Cooper, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 06
Cooper, John Caroline 1799PersonalB 03
Cooper, John CityNorfolk 1798Personal 08
Cooper, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, John Gloucester 1799Personal 24
Cooper, John Gloucester 1800Land 04
Cooper, John Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, John Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Cooper, John Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cooper, John Norfolk 1799PersonalB 07
Cooper, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 10
Cooper, John C Sussex 1799PersonalB 03
Cooper, John L Amelia 1800Land 06
Cooper, John L Amelia 1800Personal 07
Cooper, John, Jr Gloucester 1799Personal 24
Cooper, John, Junr Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Cooper, John, Senr Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Cooper, John's Orphans Surry 1799Land 04
Cooper, Jonathan Norfolk 1799PersonalA 04
Cooper, Joseph CityNorfolk 1798Personal 08
Cooper, Joseph CityPetersburg 1799PersonalC 01
Cooper, Joseph Norfolk 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, Joseph Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 08
Cooper, Leonard Kanawha 1802Personal 03
Cooper, Leonard Kanawha 1802Personal 05
Cooper, Lewis Fauquier 1799PersonalC 07
Cooper, Mac Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 03
Cooper, Martha JamesCity 1800Personal 02
Cooper, Mary Norfolk 1799PersonalA 06
Cooper, Nathaniel CityNorfolk 1798Personal 07
Cooper, Nathaniel Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, Nathaniel Norfolk 1799PersonalA 06
Cooper, Peggy Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cooper, Peter Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, Peter Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cooper, Philip Kanawha 1802Personal 05
Cooper, Richard Norfolk 1799PersonalB 07
Cooper, Robert Amherst 1799PersonalA 02
Cooper, Robert Augusta 1800PersonalA 05
Cooper, Roe Warwick 1800Land 02
Cooper, Roger Goochland 1802PersonalB 02
Cooper, Samuel Norfolk 1799PersonalA 06
Cooper, Seth Loudoun 1802PersonalC 04
Cooper, Simmon Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 04
Cooper, Simon KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Cooper, Tabitha Halifax 1798PersonalA 06
Cooper, Thomas Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cooper, Valentine Hardy 1799PersonalA 05
Cooper, William Albemarle 1802PersonalB 07
Cooper, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 05
Cooper, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 06
Cooper, William Botetourt 1799PersonalA 04
Cooper, William Campbell 1800PersonalA 03
Cooper, William Culpeper 1801PersonalB 05
Cooper, William Henrico 1801PersonalA 04
Cooper, William Mecklenburg 1799LandA 08
Cooper, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 16
Cooper, William Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Cooper, William Norfolk 1799PersonalA 06
Cooper, William Northampton 1800Personal 04
Cooper, William PrinceGeorge 1799Land 05
Cooper, William PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 04
Cooper, William (TN) Campbell 1800PersonalA 03
Cooper, Willis CityNorfolk 1798Personal 06
Cooper, Willis Norfolk 1799PersonalB 07
Cooper, Wm Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cooper, Zekiel Augusta 1800PersonalA 06
Coopper, Rebecca Sussex 1799PersonalA 03
Coopper, Thomas Sussex 1799PersonalA 05
Coose, Adam Wythe 1800PersonalB 05
Cooxsey, Charles Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 04
Copanhavour, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 03
Cope, Joseph Frederick 1800PersonalA 04
Cope, Joshua Frederick 1800PersonalA 04
Cope, Nathan Frederick 1800PersonalA 04
Cope, Saml Frederick 1800PersonalA 04
Copeland, Elisha Nansemond 1802LandB 03
Copeland, Henry Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Copeland, Isham IsleWight 1799PersonalB 04
Copeland, James Loudoun 1802PersonalC 05
Copeland, James Nansemond 1802LandB 03
Copeland, James, Jr Nansemond 1802LandB 04
Copeland, Jesse Nansemond 1802LandB 03
Copeland, John Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Copeland, John Nansemond 1802LandB 03
Copeland, Joseph (free Negro) Southampton 1798PersonalA 08
Copeland, Martin Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Copeland, Ned (FN) IsleWight 1799PersonalB 05
Copeland, Silas Nansemond 1802LandB 03
Copeland, William Charlotte 1800PersonalB 04
Copeland, Wm (son of Henry) Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Copeland, Zachariah (estate) Nansemond 1802LandB 04
Copelin, John Campbell 1800PersonalB 04
Copelin, Willis Botetourt 1799PersonalA 03
Copenhaver, Frederick Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Copenhaver, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 05
Copenhaver, Thomas, Sr Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Coperhaver, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 10
Copes, Beverley Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Copes, Daniel (by Poulson) Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Copes, Leven Accomack 1799PersonalA 06
Copes, Major (Isld) Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Copes, Parker Accomack 1799PersonalA 05
Copes, Revel Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Copes, Silby Accomack 1799PersonalA 05
Copes, Southy Accomack 1799PersonalA 05
Copes, Thomas, Sr Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Copher, Esther IsleWight 1799PersonalA 04
Copher, James IsleWight 1799PersonalA 04
Copher, John IsleWight 1799PersonalA 05
Copher, Moody IsleWight 1799PersonalA 04
Copher, Samuel IsleWight 1799PersonalA 04
Copland, Andrew Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Copland, Jacob Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Copland, Jonathan Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Copland, Richard Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Coplin, Benjamin Harrison 1801PersonalA 04
Coplin, Jacob Harrison 1801PersonalA 04
Copline, Cary Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Copline, Richd Frederick 1800PersonalB 05
Copp, Andrew Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 09
Copp, Christian Botetourt 1799PersonalA 03
Copp, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 09
Copp, Michael Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 09
Coppage, Charles Fauquier 1799PersonalC 06
Coppage, Charles Mecklenburg 1799LandA 06
Coppage, Charles Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 12
Coppage, Cyrus Lancaster 1800Personal 05
Coppage, Isaac Mecklenburg 1799LandA 07
Coppage, Isaac Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 12
Coppage, John Fauquier 1799PersonalA 05
Coppage, Travus Fauquier 1799PersonalC 06
Coppage, William Fauquier 1799PersonalA 05
Coppage, William Fauquier 1799PersonalC 05
Coppenbarriger, George Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Coppenbarriger, Jacob Wythe 1800PersonalA 04
Coppenbarriger, William Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Coppenhaver, Thomas Wythe 1800PersonalA 05
Copper, Alexr Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Copper, Richard Fauquier 1799PersonalC 05
Copperstone, Jacob Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 05
Corban, Thomas Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 05
Corbell, Daniel Northumberland 1801PersonalA 03
Corbell, John Northumberland 1801PersonalA 02
Corbell, Joseph Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Corbell, Josiah Norfolk 1799PersonalB 07
Corbell, Judah Northumberland 1801PersonalA 02
Corbell, Malachi PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 04
Corbell, Nancy Northumberland 1801PersonalA 02
Corbell, Thomas (estate) Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Corbell, William Norfolk 1799PersonalB 04
Corbell, William Northumberland 1801PersonalA 03
Corbet, James Kanawha 1802Personal 04
Corbet, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 08
Corbett, Johnson IsleWight 1799PersonalB 05
Corbett, Shadrack IsleWight 1799PersonalB 04
Corbett, Willis IsleWight 1799PersonalB 04
Corbiena, Angelica ElizabethCity 1798Personal 02
Corbin, Aaron Madison 1799Personal 08
Corbin, Adam Harrison 1801PersonalA 04
Corbin, Ambrose Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 06
Corbin, Anderson Harrison 1801PersonalA 05
Corbin, Benjamin Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, David Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, David Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, Elizabeth Culpeper 1801PersonalB 05
Corbin, Francis Caroline 1799Land 02
Corbin, Francis Caroline 1799PersonalA 04
Corbin, Garvin Hanover 1800LandB 07
Corbin, Garvin Hanover 1800LandB 12
Corbin, Gawin Caroline 1799PersonalB 03
Corbin, Gawin L CityWilliamsburg 1798Personal 01
Corbin, Gawin L York 1800Personal 03
Corbin, George Culpeper 1801PersonalA 07
Corbin, George (of Ralph) Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Corbin, George, Doct Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Corbin, Gowen Hanover 1799PersonalB 05
Corbin, Henry E Middlesex 1801Personal 03
Corbin, Irwin L York 1800Land 02
Corbin, Isaiah Culpeper 1801PersonalB 06
Corbin, Jesse Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, John Culpeper 1801PersonalA 08
Corbin, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 05
Corbin, John Madison 1799Personal 07
Corbin, Joseph Culpeper 1801PersonalA 05
Corbin, Joshua Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 06
Corbin, Juliett Middlesex 1801Personal 02
Corbin, Martin Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbin, Philip Madison 1799Personal 08
Corbin, Ralph (PP) Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Corbin, Randolph Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 07
Corbin, Richard Caroline 1799PersonalB 04
Corbin, Richard KingQueen 1798Land 03
Corbin, Richard KingQueen 1799PersonalA 02
Corbin, Richard (Greenbranch) Middlesex 1801Personal 03
Corbin, Richard (Hull) Middlesex 1801Personal 03
Corbin, Sararah (of Ralph) Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Corbin, Savage Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Corbin, Susanna Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 07
Corbin, Thomas Madison 1799Personal 07
Corbin, William Culpeper 1801PersonalB 04
Corbit, Elias Southampton 1798PersonalA 07
Corbit, Jacob Southampton 1798PersonalA 07
Corbit, Samuel Southampton 1798PersonalA 06
Corby, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 05
Cord, William Accomack 1799PersonalA 05
Cordell, Martin Hardy 1799PersonalA 05
Cordell, Thomas Hardy 1799PersonalA 05
Corden, Edward Bedford 1800PersonalA 06
Corden, James Fauquier 1799PersonalB 09
Corden, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 09
Corder, Benj Frederick 1800PersonalB 07
Corder, James Culpeper 1801PersonalA 08
Corder, Jos Frederick 1800PersonalB 07
Corder, Shadrick Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 05
Corder, William Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 05
Cordial, Adam Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cordial, Collin Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Cordial, George E Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Cordial, Martin Loudoun 1802PersonalA 06
Cordial, Presley Loudoun 1802PersonalA 04
Cordle, Lewis Brunswick 1798Personal 09
Cordle, William Brunswick 1798Personal 08
Core, Levin Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Core, Tho Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 04
Core, Zorobable Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Corel, John Accomack 1799PersonalB 05
Corker, Robert Goochland 1801PersonalA 01
Corks, John (estste) Halifax 1798PersonalA 08
Corley, Austin Hanover 1800LandA 03
Corley, Caniel{?} Bedford 1800PersonalA 05
Corley, Pleasant Charlotte 1800PersonalA 05
Corley, Temperance Cumberland 1800Personal 05
Corley, Thial Bedford 1800PersonalA 05
Corley, Valentine Cumberland 1800Personal 06
Corley, William Bedford 1800PersonalA 05
Corley, William Cumberland 1800Personal 05
Cormeney, Michael Wythe 1800PersonalA 04
Cormeney, Michael, Sr Wythe 1800PersonalA 04
Corn, Hall Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 05
Corn, Jonathan Hardy 1799PersonalB 02
Corn, Joseph Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 04
Corn, Matt Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 04
Cornal, Benjamin Harrison 1801PersonalA 04
Corneilus, George Lancaster 1800Personal 03
Corneilus, Samuel Lancaster 1800Personal 04
Corneilus, William Lancaster 1800Personal 04
Cornel, William Henrico 1801PersonalA 09
Cornelious, Augl Albemarle 1802PersonalA 06
Cornelious, J Albemarle 1802PersonalA 25
Cornelious, John B Mathews 1803Personal 07
Cornelious, William Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Cornelius, Charles Culpeper 1801PersonalB 05
Cornelius, James Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cornelius, John Harrison 1801PersonalA 05
Cornelius, Peter Harrison 1801PersonalB 04
Cornelous, Augustine Madison 1799Personal 05
Corner, Laurance Wythe 1800PersonalA 06
Cornet, Jonas CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 03
Cornett, Allen Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cornett, Allen Henrico 1802LandA 04
Cornett, Francis Henrico 1802LandA 03
Cornett, Francis, Jr Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cornett, Jessie Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cornett, John (estate) Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cornett, John (estate) Henrico 1802LandA 03
Cornett, Jones Sussex 1799PersonalB 04
Cornett, Richd R Culpeper 1801PersonalB 05
Cornett, William Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cornick, Amy PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, Dempse PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Cornick, Endymian PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, Francis PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, Joel, Jr PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, Joel, Sr PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, John PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 04
Cornick, Lemuel CityNorfolk 1798Personal 06
Cornick, Lemuel PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, Mary PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Cornick, Nathan PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Cornick, William PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornick, William, Jr PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 02
Cornish, John Northumberland 1801PersonalB 02
Cornish, Richard Northumberland 1801PersonalA 03
Cornish, William Northumberland 1801PersonalA 02
Cornish, William Richmond 1798PersonalB 02
Cornwall, Charles Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cornwall, James Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cornwall, Jeree Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cornwall, Joseph Dinwiddie 1799LandB 04
Cornwall, Simon Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cornwall, Stephen Wythe 1800PersonalB 05
Cornwall, William Fauquier 1799PersonalB 10
Cornwell, Anne Fauquier 1799PersonalA 04
Cornwell, Benjamin Hardy 1799PersonalB 02
Cornwell, John Hardy 1799PersonalB 02
Cornwell, John Norfolk 1799PersonalB 05
Cornwell, Joseph Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 03
Cornwell, Obediah Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 04
Cornwell, Peyton Fauquier 1799PersonalA 04
Cornwell, Samuel Sussex 1799PersonalA 05
Cornwell, Silas (FN) IsleWight 1799PersonalA 04
Cornwell, William Hardy 1799PersonalB 02
Cornwell, William Surry 1799Land 05
Cornwell, William Surry 1800Personal 08
Corprew, George D Norfolk 1799PersonalB 06
Corprew, George D PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Corprew, John, Sr Norfolk 1799PersonalB 06
Corprew, Joseph PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Corprew, Joshua Norfolk 1799PersonalB 06
Corprew, Samuel PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Corprew, Sarah PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 04
Corprew, Thomas Norfolk 1799PersonalB 07
Corprew, Thomas (of George) PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Corprew, Thomas (of Thomas) PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 03
Corprew, Wilson Norfolk 1799PersonalB 08
Corr, Averilla KingQueen 1798Land 04
Corr, Averilla KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Corr, Billy KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Corr, Charles Caroline 1799Land 03
Corr, James KingQueen 1798Land 03
Corr, James KingQueen 1799PersonalA 04
Corr, Jessee KingQueen 1799PersonalA 04
Corr, John Northampton 1800Personal 04
Corr, John, Jr KingQueen 1798Land 04
Corr, John, Jr KingQueen 1798Land 04
Corr, John, Jr KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Corr, John, Sr KingQueen 1798Land 04
Corr, John, Sr KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Corr, Thomas (R) KingQueen 1798Land 04
Corr, Thomas (R) KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Correll, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 04
Correll, Saml Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 03
Corrin, William CityNorfolk 1798Personal 07
Corsey, James Henry 1800Personal 03
Corthan, James KingQueen 1799PersonalA 03
Corum, Thornton Fauquier 1799PersonalC 02
Cory, David Middlesex 1801Personal 03
Cosbey, Joel Albemarle 1802PersonalB 06
Cosbey, Overton Middlesex 1801Personal 03
Cosbey, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalA 14
Cosbey, Wingfield Albemarle 1802PersonalB 07
Cosbiaw, W CityNorfolk 1798Personal 06
Cosby, Archey (son of John) Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Cosby, Austin Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, Charles Louisa 1798PersonalA 04
Cosby, Charles NewKent 1800Personal 03
Cosby, Charles Powhatan 1801Personal 05
Cosby, David Powhatan 1801Personal 03
Cosby, Duke Louisa 1798PersonalA 04
Cosby, Duke Louisa 1798PersonalB 03
Cosby, Edmund IsleWight 1799PersonalA 05
Cosby, Elizth Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, James Nottoway 1801Personal 04
Cosby, James Powhatan 1801Personal 03
Cosby, John NewKent 1800Land 05
Cosby, John NewKent 1800Personal 03
Cosby, John Lewis Albemarle 1802PersonalA 06
Cosby, John, Jur Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Cosby, John, Senr Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Cosby, Meredeth Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, Peter Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, Samuel Gloucester 1799Personal 04
Cosby, Samuel Goochland 1802PersonalB 03
Cosby, Sarah Hanover 1800LandA 03
Cosby, Susanna Hanover 1799PersonalA 02
Cosby, Susanna Hanover 1800LandA 03
Cosby, Thos Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, Thos W Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, William CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 03
Cosby, William Powhatan 1801Personal 03
Cosby, Winnfield Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosby, Wm Louisa 1798PersonalB 04
Cosley, William Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 03
Cosnan{?}, William Surry 1800Personal 29
Cosner, Jacob Hardy 1799PersonalB 01
Cossilla, Willis, Sr Nansemond 1802LandA 03
Cost, Cate Loudoun 1802PersonalA 03
Cost, Jacob Loudoun 1802PersonalC 04
Costin, Abraham, Jr Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, Elizabeth Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, Francis Northampton 1800Personal 04
Costin, Henry Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, John (son of Abraham) Northampton 1800Personal 06
Costin, John, Sr Northampton 1800Personal 06
Costin, Matthew Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, Samuel Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 05
Costin, William Northampton 1800Personal 04
Costloe, Robert Culpeper 1801PersonalA 08
Cothern, James KingQueen 1798Land 03
Cothery, Philip Hardy 1799PersonalA 06
Cotrell, John Northumberland 1801PersonalA 03
Cotrell, Thomas Northumberland 1801PersonalA 03
Cotten, John PrinceGeorge 1799Land 05
Cotten, John PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 03
Cotten, Lucy PrinceGeorge 1799Land 04
Cotten, Lucy PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 03
Cotten, William Accomack 1799PersonalB 06
Cotten, William PrinceGeorge 1799Land 05
Cotten, William PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 03
Cotter, John Essex 1800Personal 05
Cotterel, Edward Kanawha 1802Personal 04
Cotterel, William Kanawha 1802Personal 04
Cotterell, William KingWilliam 1797Land 03
Cotterill, John Harrison 1801PersonalA 04
Cottery, Abraham Culpeper 1801PersonalA 06
Cottingham, Milley Campbell 1800PersonalB 03
Cottle, Joseph Kanawha 1802Personal 05
Cotton, Cary Sussex 1799PersonalA 04
Cotton, Drewry Southampton 1798PersonalA 06
Cotton, Enock Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 05
Cotton, Hardy Sussex 1799PersonalA 04
Cotton, Hubert Southampton 1798PersonalA 08
Cotton, John Loudoun 1802PersonalC 04
Cotton, John Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cotton, Shadrick Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 05
Cotton, William Loudoun 1802PersonalC 05
Cotton, Willis Norfolk 1799PersonalA 07
Cottorell, William KingWilliam 1797Personal 03
Cottrel, James Franklin 1799PersonalB 05
Cottrell, Charles Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cottrell, Charles Henrico 1802LandA 03
Cottrell, Charles Sussex 1799PersonalA 03
Cottrell, Ford (free N) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 04
Cottrell, Harry Buckingham 1800PersonalA 04
Cottrell, Jacob Buckingham 1800PersonalA 04
Cottrell, James (free N) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 04
Cottrell, Moses Lee 1799Personal 05
Cottrell, Patey Henrico 1801PersonalB 04
Cottrell, Peter Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cottrell, Peter Henrico 1802LandA 03
Cottrell, Peter Henrico 1802LandA 04
Cottrell, Peter Henrico 1802LandA 04
Cottrell, Peter Henrico 1802LandA 04
Cottrell, Peter, Jr Henrico 1801PersonalB 03
Cottrell, Richard Buckingham 1800PersonalA 05
Cottrell, Richard Henrico 1802LandA 03


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