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1800 - "H" Index (3)

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Name County Tax List Page
Hanes, Thomas Hanover 1800LandA 06
Hanes, Thomas Hanover 1800LandB 11
Hanes, Thomas, Jr Hanover 1800LandA 06
Hanes, William Franklin 1799PersonalA 09
Hanes, William Wythe 1800PersonalB 10
Haney, Abner PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 04
Haney, Anthony (estate) Culpeper 1801PersonalB 10
Haney, Thomas Culpeper 1801PersonalA 16
Haney, William Culpeper 1801PersonalB 10
Hanger, Charles Augusta 1800PersonalA 12
Hanger, Frederick Augusta 1800PersonalA 11
Hanger, Frederick, Jr Augusta 1800PersonalB 13
Hanger, George Augusta 1800PersonalA 12
Hanger, George Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 09
Hanger, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 12
Hanger, Martin Augusta 1800PersonalA 13
Hanger, Peter, Jr Augusta 1800PersonalA 12
Hanger, Peter, Jr Augusta 1800PersonalB 13
Hanger, Peter, Sr Augusta 1800PersonalA 12
Haniley, William, Junr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 08
Hanison, William York 1800Personal 05
Hankin, Dorcas JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankin, Nathaniel JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankin, Robert JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankin, William JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankin, William (estate) JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hanking, Reubin Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 12
Hanking, William, Sr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 12
Hankings, John Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 11
Hankins, Amos Frederick 1800PersonalB 14
Hankins, Archer JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankins, Archer JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, Asia Frederick 1800PersonalB 14
Hankins, Daniel Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 09
Hankins, Dinah Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 13
Hankins, Elizabeth JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankins, Elizabeth JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, Hugh (son of Margaret) Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 29
Hankins, John Henry 1800Personal 07
Hankins, John JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankins, John JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, John Jr JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankins, John Sr JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, Margaret Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 29
Hankins, Nathaniel JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, Pryor JamesCity 1800Land 04
Hankins, Robert JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, William York 1800Land 03
Hankins, William York 1800Personal 06
Hankins, William JamesCity 1800Land 06
Hankins, William JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hankins, William (Dinah) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 13
Hankins, William, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 12
Hankley, James, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalA 13
Hankley, James, Sr Halifax 1798PersonalA 14
Hankley, Thomas Halifax 1798PersonalA 14
Hanks, Abraham Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Hanks, Fleetwood Bedford 1800PersonalA 12
Hanks, James Campbell 1800PersonalA 08
Hanks, John Loudoun 1802PersonalA 08
Hanks, Luke Richmond 1798PersonalB 04
Hanks, Luke Richmond 1799Land 09
Hanks, Luke Richmond 1799Land 14
Hanks, Sarah Richmond 1798PersonalB 04
Hanks, Sarah Richmond 1799Land 14
Hanks, Thomas Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Hanks, Thomas Hardy 1799PersonalB 03
Hanks, Thomas Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hanks, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 30
Hanley, John, Senr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 09
Hanley, Leonard JamesCity 1800Personal 04
Hanley, William, Junr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 10
Hanley, William, Senr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 10
Hanley, Wm (son of William, Junr) Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 10
Hanlin, James Harrison 1801PersonalA 09
Hanlin, Patrick Harrison 1801PersonalA 08
Hanna, David Augusta 1800PersonalB 15
Hanna, David Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 08
Hanna, Hugh Augusta 1800PersonalA 11
Hanna, James Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 07
Hanna, James, Sr Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 08
Hanna, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 07
Hanna, John Kanawha 1802Personal 11
Hanna, Robert Augusta 1800PersonalA 11
Hanna, William Augusta 1800PersonalA 11
Hannah, Alexander Henry 1800Personal 07
Hannah, Alexandr Botetourt 1799PersonalA 08
Hannah, Andrew (estate) Charlotte 1800PersonalB 10
Hannah, Anne, Miss Charlotte 1800PersonalB 10
Hannah, Benjamin Campbell 1800PersonalB 08
Hannah, Henry Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 22
Hannah, Isaac Augusta 1800PersonalB 13
Hannah, John (constable) Halifax 1798PersonalA 13
Hannah, Robert Campbell 1800PersonalB 08
Hannah, Salley Amelia 1800Personal 11
Hannah, Thomas Campbell 1800PersonalB 08
Hannah, William PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 08
Hannak, Andrew CityNorfolk 1798Personal 16
Hanneford, John Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Hanneford, Joseph Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Hannell, James Loudoun 1802PersonalA 22
Hanner, Harmon Culpeper 1801PersonalB 11
Hannon, Esem Botetourt 1799PersonalB 07
Hannon, John Kanawha 1802Personal 10
Hannon, Thomas Kanawha 1802Personal 10
Hans, John Hardy 1799PersonalB 03
Hans, Peter Hardy 1799PersonalB 03
Hansacker, Danl Frederick 1800PersonalA 11
Hansbarger, Robert Augusta 1800PersonalB 13
Hansborough, William Culpeper 1801PersonalB 11
Hansbrough, James Amherst 1799PersonalA 06
Hansbrough, James Madison 1799Personal 14
Hansbrough, John KingGeorge 1803Personal 04
Hansbrough, Keziah Amherst 1799PersonalA 06
Hansbrough, Peter, Jr Culpeper 1801PersonalB 11
Hansbrough, Peter, Senr Culpeper 1801PersonalB 10
Hansbrough, Samuel Amherst 1799PersonalA 06
Hansel, Henry Brunswick 1798Personal 18
Hansel, John Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hanserd, John (son of Richard) Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 31
Hanserd, Richard Mecklenburg 1799LandA 14
Hanserd, Richard Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 31
Hanserd, William (son of Richard) Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 31
Hansford, Alexander Loudoun 1802PersonalC 11
Hansford, Benjamin York 1800Land 03
Hansford, Benjamin York 1800Personal 06
Hansford, Cary H CityNorfolk 1798Personal 14
Hansford, Cary H (Nor) Norfolk 1799PersonalA 13
Hansford, Edward (S) Norfolk 1799PersonalA 13
Hansford, John Amherst 1799PersonalB 08
Hansford, John Kanawha 1802Personal 11
Hansford, Richard Warwick 1798Personal 03
Hansford, Richard Warwick 1800Land 04
Hansford, Richard York 1800Land 03
Hansford, Theodosius KingGeorge 1803Personal 05
Hansford, Thomas York 1800Land 03
Hansford, Thomas York 1800Personal 06
Hansford, William Amherst 1799PersonalB 09
Hansford, William Buckingham 1800PersonalA 09
Hanson, David Botetourt 1799PersonalB 08
Hanson, Samuel Culpeper 1801PersonalA 16
Hanton, Elizabeth JamesCity 1800Personal 03
Hanye, Stephen Northumberland 1801PersonalB 04
Hapenneer, George Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 19
Hapenner, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 18
Hapenner, John, Sr Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 18
Hapner, Abraham Augusta 1800PersonalB 14
Hapner, Gasper Augusta 1800PersonalB 14
Happer, John Fauquier 1799PersonalB 22
Happer, Thomas W Norfolk 1799PersonalB 13
Happer, William Norfolk 1799PersonalB 15
Happle, George Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 08
Harass, Roberts Halifax 1798PersonalB 33
Harber, David Kanawha 1802Personal 09
Harberd, William Northampton 1800Personal 12
Harbert, Benjamin Botetourt 1799PersonalA 08
Harbert, Edward Norfolk 1799PersonalB 15
Harbert, James Norfolk 1799PersonalB 15
Harbert, John Harrison 1801PersonalB 09
Harbert, Mary (Wife of John) Norfolk 1799PersonalB 16
Harbert, Robert Norfolk 1799PersonalB 17
Harbert, Samuel Harrison 1801PersonalB 10
Harbert, Thomas Harrison 1801PersonalB 09
Harbert, William Harrison 1801PersonalA 09
Harbison, James Wythe 1800PersonalB 10
Harbour, Joyce Henry 1800Personal 06
Harbour, Noah Halifax 1798PersonalB 34
Harbutt, William PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 08
Harclerader, Philip Wythe 1800PersonalA 12
Harcum, Charles Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, Elenor Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harcum, Elizabeth Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harcum, James Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, John Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, Lee P Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harcum, Millicent Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, Rodham Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harcum, Sarah C Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, William Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harcum, William Southampton 1798PersonalA 14
Hardaway, Daniel Amelia 1800Land 12
Hardaway, Daniel Amelia 1800Personal 12
Hardaway, Daniel Nottoway 1801Personal 10
Hardaway, Fanny, Mrs Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardaway, Frances M Dinwiddie 1799LandA 05
Hardaway, Francis Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardaway, Grief Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardaway, H Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hardaway, Henry Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardaway, Henry S Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardaway, James (estate) Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hardaway, James M Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardaway, John Brunswick 1798Personal 17
Hardaway, John, Maj Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardaway, John, Major Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hardaway, Joseph Dinwiddie 1799LandA 05
Hardaway, Marcum Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardaway, Nancy Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 08
Hardaway, Standfield Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 08
Hardaway, Stanfield Dinwiddie 1799LandB 06
Hardaway, Stith Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hardaway, Stith Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardaway, Stith Nottoway 1801Personal 10
Hardaway, Thomas, Capt Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hardaway, Thomas, Capt Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardaway, William (estate) Dinwiddie 1799LandB 06
Hardaway, William, Esq Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 08
Harday, Joseph, Jr Middlesex 1801Personal 05
Harday, William Middlesex 1801Personal 05
Hardee, Isaac Greensville 1798Personal 07
Hardeman, Richard Buckingham 1800PersonalB 05
Hardemon, John Buckingham 1800PersonalB 05
Hardemon, John, Jr Buckingham 1800PersonalB 05
Harden, George Culpeper 1801PersonalB 10
Harden, Joseph Loudoun 1802PersonalC 10
Harden, Josiah Frederick 1800PersonalA 09
Harden, Presley (son of Joseph) Loudoun 1802PersonalC 10
Harden, Richard Wythe 1800PersonalB 09
Harden, Thomas Frederick 1800PersonalA 10
Harden, Thomas Loudoun 1802PersonalC 11
Harden, Thomas Louisa 1798PersonalA 07
Harden, William Fauquier 1799PersonalA 11
Harden, William Hanover 1800LandA 06
Harden, William Hanover 1800LandB 10
Hardenstone, Henry Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 09
Hardenstone, Henry Madison 1799Personal 14
Hardesty, Samuel Fluvanna 1802Personal 12
Hardey, Moses Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 11
Hardgroves, Joseph Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Hardidge, Aron Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 06
Hardidge, John Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 06
Hardie, Thomas Botetourt 1799PersonalA 07
Hardin, Alexander Halifax 1798PersonalB 33
Hardin, Benj Albemarle 1802PersonalA 13
Hardin, Charity NewKent 1800Land 08
Hardin, Curthbert Albemarle 1802PersonalB 18
Hardin, Daniel Albemarle 1802PersonalB 16
Hardin, George Culpeper 1801PersonalA 15
Hardin, George Frederick 1800PersonalA 11
Hardin, George Powhatan 1801Personal 08
Hardin, Hal Fauquier 1799PersonalC 13
Hardin, Isaac Albemarle 1802PersonalA 13
Hardin, James Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardin, Jessee Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Hardin, Martin Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 15
Hardin, Polly NewKent 1800Land 08
Hardin, Polly NewKent 1800Personal 08
Harding, Billy Northumberland 1801PersonalB 04
Harding, Cyrus Northumberland 1801PersonalB 04
Harding, Edward Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Harding, Henry Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 22
Harding, Hopkins Northumberland 1801PersonalB 04
Harding, Isaac PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 04
Harding, James Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harding, Job Loudoun 1802PersonalC 10
Harding, John Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Harding, Joseph CityPetersburg 1799PersonalB 06
Harding, Joseph Dinwiddie 1799LandA 05
Harding, Joseph Dinwiddie 1799LandB 06
Harding, Joseph Norfolk 1799PersonalB 15
Harding, Joseph PrinceGeorge 1799Land 12
Harding, Joseph PrinceGeorge 1799Land 25
Harding, Nelson Albemarle 1802PersonalA 15
Harding, Richard Wythe 1800PersonalA 12
Harding, Robert Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 10
Harding, Samuel Northumberland 1801PersonalA 05
Harding, Thomas Goochland 1801PersonalA 04
Harding, Thomas Norfolk 1799PersonalB 14
Harding, Thomas Northumberland 1801PersonalB 04
Harding, William Northumberland 1801PersonalA 06
Harding, William (estate) Chesterfield 1802LandA 07
Hardman, John Norfolk 1799PersonalA 13
Hardridge, William Halifax 1798PersonalB 33
Hardway, Drury Campbell 1800PersonalA 08
Hardwick, Benjeman Buckingham 1800PersonalB 05
Hardwick, Cary Franklin 1799PersonalA 09
Hardwick, Harman Buckingham 1800PersonalA 09
Hardwick, James Halifax 1798PersonalB 32
Hardwick, John Halifax 1798PersonalA 14
Hardwick, Mary Richmond 1798PersonalB 03
Hardwick, Mary Richmond 1799Land 09
Hardwick, Pleasant Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 13
Hardwick, Richard Amherst 1799PersonalB 08
Hardwick, William Buckingham 1800PersonalB 05
Hardwick, Younger Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 08
Hardwish, Jeremiah PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 06
Hardy, Andrew Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Benjamin (exempt) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardy, Catherine Henry 1800Personal 06
Hardy, Charles Henry 1800Personal 07
Hardy, Charles Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Covington Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Curtis Norfolk 1799PersonalA 11
Hardy, Curtis Norfolk 1799PersonalA 27
Hardy, George Loudoun 1802PersonalB 06
Hardy, George Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardy, Henson Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardy, Herbert Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Jesse Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardy, John Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 07
Hardy, John Norfolk 1799PersonalA 11
Hardy, John Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardy, John C Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Joseph Bedford 1800PersonalB 07
Hardy, Joseph Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardy, Joshua Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 16
Hardy, Kindser Frederick 1800PersonalA 09
Hardy, Martha Dinwiddie 1799LandB 06
Hardy, Robert Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Hardy, Robert Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 16
Hardy, Robert Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hardy, Samuel Bedford 1800PersonalA 11
Hardy, Soloman Bedford 1800PersonalA 10
Hardy, Solomon Loudoun 1802PersonalA 15
Hardy, Stith Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, Thomas Botetourt 1799PersonalA 08
Hardy, Thomas Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 13
Hardy, Thomas (B Layer) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 15
Hardy, Vincent Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 07
Hardy, William (exempt) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 14
Hardyman, Archibald CharlesCity 1800Land 06
Hardyman, Francis CharlesCity 1800Personal 11
Hardyman, James CharlesCity 1800Personal 11
Hardyman, John ElizabethCity 1798Personal 03
Hardyman, Rachal CharlesCity 1800Personal 11
Hardyman, Sarah CharlesCity 1800Land 06
Hardyman, William (estate) CharlesCity 1800Land 06
Hardyman, William (orphans) CharlesCity 1800Land 07
Hare, Brian Nansemond 1802LandB 07
Hare, Henry Nansemond 1802LandB 07
Hare, Henry, Jr Nansemond 1802LandB 09
Hare, James Nansemond 1802LandB 09
Hare, Jesse Nansemond 1802LandB 08
Hare, John Nansemond 1802LandB 08
Hare, Samuel Norfolk 1799PersonalA 11
Hare, Sarah KingQueen 1799PersonalA 07
Hare, Thomas Norfolk 1799PersonalA 11
Hare, Thos Loudoun 1802PersonalC 14
Hare, William Norfolk 1799PersonalA 12
Hare, William (estate) KingQueen 1798Land 08
Hare, William B Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Haregrove, Hezekiah Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Haregrove, Joseph Amherst 1799PersonalA 06
Harey, John Buckingham 1800PersonalA 09
Harfield, David PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 06
Harfield, Matthew PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 06
Harford, Henry Richmond 1798PersonalA 03
Harford, Henry Richmond 1799Land 03
Harford, John Culpeper 1801PersonalA 15
Harford, John, Jr Culpeper 1801PersonalA 15
Harford, Peter Norfolk 1799PersonalA 14
Harford, Thomas Culpeper 1801PersonalA 16
Harford, William Richmond 1798PersonalA 03
Harford, William Richmond 1798PersonalA 06
Harford, William Richmond 1799Land 03
Harford, Winefred Culpeper 1801PersonalA 16
Hargar, Jno (Exm) Louisa 1798PersonalB 08
Hargar, John Franklin 1799PersonalA 09
Hargis, Thomas Accomack 1799PersonalB 10
Hargrass, Bagwell Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Hargrass, John Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Hargrass, Leven Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Hargrave, Anselinn Surry 1800Personal 17
Hargrave, Anselum{?} (estate) Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Augustine Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Augustine Surry 1800Personal 16
Hargrave, Benjamin Surry 1800Personal 16
Hargrave, Elizabeth Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Hanah Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Hanah Surry 1800Personal 17
Hargrave, Herman Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Herman Surry 1800Personal 17
Hargrave, Hinchey Surry 1800Personal 16
Hargrave, Hinchry{?} Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Humphrey Caroline 1799PersonalB 07
Hargrave, Isaac Surry 1800Personal 18
Hargrave, James Dinwiddie 1799LandA 06
Hargrave, James Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hargrave, Jesse Caroline 1799Land 06
Hargrave, Jesse Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Jesse Sussex 1799PersonalA 08
Hargrave, John Caroline 1799Land 06
Hargrave, John Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, John Hanover 1799PersonalA 05
Hargrave, John Hanover 1800LandA 07
Hargrave, John Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, John Surry 1800Personal 16
Hargrave, Joseph Caroline 1799Land 06
Hargrave, Joseph Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Lucy Surry 1799Land 08
Hargrave, Nelly Caroline 1799Land 05
Hargrave, Nelly Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Plesant Surry 1800Personal 16
Hargrave, Richard Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 06
Hargrave, Samuel Caroline 1799Land 06
Hargrave, Samuel Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Samuel Sussex 1799PersonalA 09
Hargrave, Simon Sussex 1799PersonalA 09
Hargrave, Thomas Caroline 1799PersonalA 07
Hargrave, Thomas Sussex 1799PersonalA 09
Hargrave, William Hanover 1799PersonalA 05
Hargrave, William Sussex 1799PersonalA 08
Hargraves, Samuel CharlesCity 1800Land 06
Hargraves, Samuel CharlesCity 1800Land 07
Hargraves, Samuel CharlesCity 1800Personal 10
Hargrove, Bennitt Mecklenburg 1799LandA 14
Hargrove, Bennitt Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 30
Hargrove, Billey KingWilliam 1797Personal 06
Hargrove, Billy KingWilliam 1797Land 06
Hargrove, John Hanover 1799PersonalB 08
Hargrove, Joseph PrinceEdward 1800PersonalB 06
Hargrove, Robert KingWilliam 1797Land 06
Hargrove, Robert KingWilliam 1797Personal 06
Hargrove, William KingWilliam 1797Land 05
Hargrove, William KingWilliam 1797Personal 06
Hargroves, John Nansemond 1802LandA 06
Hargroves, Robert (estate) Nansemond 1802LandA 06
Haries, Nathaniel Bedford 1800PersonalB 06
Harington, Daniel Norfolk 1799PersonalB 13
Harington, Mathew Norfolk 1799PersonalB 13
Haris, Arthur Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Haris, David Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Haris, Isaiah Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Haris, William Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Haris, William, Sr Campbell 1800PersonalA 07
Harison, Obed Kanawha 1802Personal 10
Harkarder, John Wythe 1800PersonalB 09
Harkrader, John Wythe 1800PersonalB 10
Harkrider, Coonrad Franklin 1799PersonalB 11
Harkrider, David Franklin 1799PersonalB 10
Harkrider, Jacob Franklin 1799PersonalB 10
Harkrider, Solomon Franklin 1799PersonalB 11
Harlan, Thomas Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlaw, Mordicai Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 09
Harley, Benjamin Charlotte 1800PersonalB 10
Harley, Daniel Fauquier 1799PersonalB 22
Harley, Thomas (estate) Charlotte 1800PersonalA 11
Harlin, Edward Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlin, George, Senr Albemarle 1802PersonalA 13
Harlin, Jo Albemarle 1802PersonalA 05
Harlin, Joseph Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlin, Samuel Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harling, Joseph Albemarle 1802PersonalB 17
Harlinm Nathl, Senr Albemarle 1802PersonalA 13
Harlor, John Botetourt 1799PersonalA 08
Harlow, Archibald Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlow, Bryee Fluvanna 1802Personal 10
Harlow, David Northampton 1800Personal 12
Harlow, Geo Albemarle 1802PersonalA 12
Harlow, George Goochland 1802PersonalB 05
Harlow, George Hanover 1800LandB 11
Harlow, Hezekiah Fluvanna 1802Personal 11
Harlow, Howard CityNorfolk 1798Personal 15
Harlow, John Fluvanna 1802Personal 11
Harlow, John (of Sarah) Henrico 1801PersonalB 07
Harlow, John, Jr Henrico 1801PersonalB 07
Harlow, John, Sr Henrico 1801PersonalB 07
Harlow, Larkin Albemarle 1802PersonalA 15
Harlow, Mary Fluvanna 1802Personal 10
Harlow, Nathaniel Amherst 1799PersonalA 06
Harlow, Nathaniel Fluvanna 1802Personal 11
Harlow, Nathaniel, Sr Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlow, Reuben Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlow, Robert Hanover 1800LandA 06
Harlow, Rolling Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Harlow, Ruebin Amherst 1799PersonalA 07
Harlow, Sherrard Fluvanna 1802Personal 11
Harlow, Tandy Fluvanna 1802Personal 11
Harlow, Tho (son of Geo) Albemarle 1802PersonalA 12
Harlow, Thomas Louisa 1798PersonalA 07
Harlow, William Albemarle 1802PersonalA 14
Harlow, William Fluvanna 1802Personal 09
Harman, Butler NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, Butler NewKent 1800Personal 07
Harman, Elisabeth NewKent 1800Personal 08
Harman, Elisabeth (widow) NewKent 1800Personal 08
Harman, Elizabeth NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, George Accomack 1799PersonalB 12
Harman, George Northampton 1800Personal 11
Harman, Ihamer NewKent 1800Personal 08
Harman, Ishamer NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, James Norfolk 1799PersonalB 15
Harman, John NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, John NewKent 1800Personal 08
Harman, John (estate) NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, Keziah NewKent 1800Land 09
Harman, Micajah (estate) JamesCity 1800Land 04
Harman, William (estate) NewKent 1800Land 09
Harmans, Southey Accomack 1799PersonalB 11
Harmanson, Henry, Sr Northampton 1800Personal 13
Harmanson, Matthew, Jr Northampton 1800Personal 13
Harmanson, Matthew, Sr Northampton 1800Personal 12
Harmanson, Patrick Northampton 1800Personal 13
Harmanson, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 11
Harmanson, William Northampton 1800Personal 11
Harmer, Burke Frederick 1800PersonalA 10
Harmon, Adam Wythe 1800PersonalA 11
Harmon, Cornelius Accomack 1799PersonalA 11
Harmon, Daniel Wythe 1800PersonalA 12
Harmon, George Botetourt 1799PersonalA 08


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