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1800 - "P" Index (2)

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Name County Tax List Page
Parker, William (PR) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parker, William H Westmoreland 1800PersonalA 09
Parker, William, Jr Halifax 1798PersonalA 25
Parker, Willis, Jr Nansemond 1802LandB 13
Parker, Willis, Sr Nansemond 1802LandB 13
Parkerson, Henry Nansemond 1802LandA 11
Parkerson, Jacob IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parkerson, John IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parkes, Benjamin Accomack 1799PersonalB 20
Parkes, Edmond Accomack 1799PersonalB 19
Parkes, Gouldman KingQueen 1799PersonalB 09
Parkes, John KingQueen 1799PersonalB 09
Parkes, John, Jr Accomack 1799PersonalB 19
Parkes, John, Sr Accomack 1799PersonalB 19
Parkes, Sacker, Capt Accomack 1799PersonalB 20
Parkes, Soloman Accomack 1799PersonalB 19
Parkes, Tabi Accomack 1799PersonalA 17
Parkins, Ebenezer Frederick 1800PersonalB 24
Parkins, Elias Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, Henry Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, Henry Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parkins, Isaac Frederick 1800PersonalB 24
Parkins, James Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, James, Jr Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, John Frederick 1800PersonalB 24
Parkins, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, Jos Frederick 1800PersonalB 24
Parkins, Mary Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parkins, Nathaniel Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parkins, Saml Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, Tho Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkins, William Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parkinson, Elisabeth NewKent 1800Personal 12
Parkinson, Elisabeth (widow to Jacob) NewKent 1800Land 14
Parkinson, Elisabeth (widow to John) NewKent 1800Personal 12
Parkinson, Elisabeth (widow to Joseph) NewKent 1800Land 13
Parkinson, Griefs NewKent 1800Land 14
Parkinson, Jacob NewKent 1800Land 14
Parkinson, Joseph NewKent 1800Personal 12
Parkinson, Joshua NewKent 1800Land 14
Parkinson, Joshua NewKent 1800Personal 12
Parkinson, Seth Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 47
Parkinson, Tabitha NewKent 1800Land 14
Parkinson, William NewKent 1800Personal 12
Parks, David Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parks, Frank Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parks, Gabriel Culpeper 1801PersonalA 23
Parks, Henry Greensville 1798Personal 12
Parks, Jaconias Greensville 1798Personal 13
Parks, James Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 16
Parks, Jobe (T Isld) Accomack 1799PersonalA 17
Parks, Joseph Greensville 1798Personal 12
Parks, Joseph, Jr Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Parks, Joseph, Sr Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Parks, Lucy Greensville 1798Personal 13
Parks, Martin Amherst 1799PersonalB 13
Parks, Richard Culpeper 1801PersonalA 23
Parks, William Amherst 1799PersonalB 13
Parmer, John Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 17
Parmer, Joshua Hardy 1799PersonalA 18
Parmer, Matthew Harrison 1801PersonalB 15
Parmill, David Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 24
Parnal, Lydda IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parnal, Scarsebook IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parnal, Willis IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parnel, Heartwill (FN) IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parnel, Joseph IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parnell, Edward Frederick 1800PersonalA 20
Parnell, John Culpeper 1801PersonalA 24
Parows, Stephen (estate) Campbell 1800PersonalB 13
Parr, Florentine IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parr, James Fauquier 1799PersonalB 37
Parr, James, Jr Fauquier 1799PersonalB 37
Parr, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 16
Parr, John IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parr, Jordan IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parr, Richard IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Parr, William IsleWight 1799PersonalB 17
Parr, William (F Neg) Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Parrack, David Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Parrack, John Amherst 1799PersonalA 12
Parradise, John Surry 1799Land 13
Parradise, John Surry 1800Personal 26
Parramore, Elizabeth Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parramore, John Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parramore, Thomas, Jr Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parramore, Thomas, Sr Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parramore, William Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parramore, William (Gent) Accomack 1799PersonalA 17
Parramore, William, Jr Accomack 1799PersonalA 17
Parret, James Lee 1799Personal 19
Parret, John Lee 1799Personal 19
Parrish, Aaron Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Abraham Halifax 1798PersonalB 54
Parrish, Anderson Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parrish, Bartlet Fluvanna 1802Personal 20
Parrish, Booker Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, Carter Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Charles CharlesCity 1800Personal 16
Parrish, Corbin Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Dabney Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, David Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, David Halifax 1798PersonalB 52
Parrish, David (Esta) Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, George Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, George (WC) Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, George W Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Humphrey Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, Humphry Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parrish, Isham Hanover 1799PersonalA 08
Parrish, James Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parrish, James CharlesCity 1800Personal 16
Parrish, James, Jr Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, James, Senr Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, Jno Louisa 1798PersonalB 12
Parrish, Joel Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parrish, Joel Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parrish, Joham Hanover 1800LandA 10
Parrish, John Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parrish, John Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, John Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parrish, John Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, John (of Aaron) Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, John C Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, Jolley Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Joseph Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parrish, Mary Goochland 1802PersonalB 10
Parrish, Mary CharlesCity 1800Land 11
Parrish, Meridith Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Micajah Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parrish, Ned (free Negro) Hanover 1799PersonalA 08
Parrish, Nicholas Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Park Louisa 1798PersonalA 10
Parrish, Robert Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Robert Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Parrish, Robert Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, Sherrard Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, Sherrard, Jr Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, William Fluvanna 1802Personal 18
Parrish, William Goochland 1802PersonalB 09
Parrish, William Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Parrish, William Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parrish, William (son Jos) CharlesCity 1800Personal 15
Parrish, William Jr CharlesCity 1800Land 10
Parrish, William Jr CharlesCity 1800Personal 15
Parrish, William Sr CharlesCity 1800Land 11
Parrish, William Sr CharlesCity 1800Personal 15
Parroll, Hugh Frederick 1800PersonalA 20
Parroll, John Frederick 1800PersonalA 19
Parroll, Joseph Frederick 1800PersonalA 19
Parron, John CityNorfolk 1798Personal 25
Parron, William Middlesex 1801Personal 09
Parrot, George Northampton 1800Personal 19
Parrot, Jacob Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 32
Parrott, Augustine, Jr Mathews 1803Land 22
Parrott, Augustine, Jr Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Augustine, Sr Mathews 1803Land 22
Parrott, Augustine, Sr Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Benjamin Franklin 1799PersonalA 15
Parrott, Frederick Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 32
Parrott, George, Sr Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Henry Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 32
Parrott, Jno Louisa 1798PersonalB 12
Parrott, John Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, John, Sr Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Joseph Franklin 1799PersonalA 15
Parrott, Luke Franklin 1799PersonalA 15
Parrott, Machen Mathews 1803Land 22
Parrott, Machen Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Nathan Franklin 1799PersonalA 16
Parrott, Robert (son of George) Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parrott, Thomas Y Madison 1799Personal 20
Parrott, Thorp Franklin 1799PersonalA 16
Parrott, William Lunenburg 1803PersonalB 11
Parry, David, Capt Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Parsen{?}, John (Glochester) CharlesCity 1800Land 11
Parsenger, Jacob Kanawha 1802Personal 18
Parsenger, John Kanawha 1802Personal 18
Parsley, John Hanover 1800LandB 17
Parsley, William Hanover 1799PersonalB 14
Parsley, William Hanover 1800LandB 17
Parson, Abraham Mathews 1803Land 22
Parson, Ann PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 07
Parson, James Hanover 1799PersonalB 14
Parson, Jeremiah Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parson, John, Revd KingGeorge 1803Personal 08
Parson, Powpey (FN) Henrico 1801PersonalB 12
Parson, Thomas Hanover 1799PersonalB 15
Parson, William W Nottoway 1801Personal 15
Parsons, Absolam Mathews 1803Personal 27
Parsons, Adam Kanawha 1802Personal 17
Parsons, Armejer York 1800Land 05
Parsons, Armijer York 1800Personal 08
Parsons, Betty PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 12
Parsons, Charles Hanover 1799PersonalB 15
Parsons, Charles Harrison 1801PersonalB 15
Parsons, Elizabeth (widow) Hardy 1799PersonalA 18
Parsons, Francis Culpeper 1801PersonalB 16
Parsons, Gabriel Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 19
Parsons, Hillary PrincessAnne 1799PersonalA 06
Parsons, Hopewell Hanover 1799PersonalB 15
Parsons, Hopewell NewKent 1800Land 13
Parsons, Horatio PrincessAnne 1799PersonalB 12
Parsons, Isaith Fauquier 1799PersonalB 36
Parsons, James Hanover 1800LandB 18
Parsons, James Norfolk 1799PersonalB 25
Parsons, James, Junr Hardy 1799PersonalA 19
Parsons, James, Senr Hardy 1799PersonalA 19
Parsons, Jessee Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parsons, John Northampton 1800Personal 20
Parsons, John Shenandoah 1799PersonalB 31
Parsons, John York 1800Land 05
Parsons, John York 1800Land 05
Parsons, John York 1800Personal 09
Parsons, John, Jr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parsons, John, Sr Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parsons, Joseph Fauquier 1799PersonalB 36
Parsons, Joseph Kanawha 1802Personal 17
Parsons, Joseph Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 16
Parsons, Joseph Surry 1799Land 14
Parsons, Joseph (estate) Dinwiddie 1799LandB 10
Parsons, Joseph (estate) PrinceGeorge 1799Land 17
Parsons, Josiah Hanover 1799PersonalB 15
Parsons, Josiah Hanover 1800LandB 17
Parsons, Major Amelia 1800Personal 20
Parsons, Nancy (FN) Henrico 1801PersonalB 11
Parsons, Pompey Henrico 1802LandA 15
Parsons, Robert Surry 1800Personal 27
Parsons, Saml Louisa 1798PersonalB 12
Parsons, Samuel Bedford 1800PersonalA 19
Parsons, Samuel CharlesCity 1800Personal 16
Parsons, Sarah Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 14
Parsons, Sarah Hanover 1800LandB 17
Parsons, Sarah Norfolk 1799PersonalB 25
Parsons, Sterling Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 12
Parsons, Thomas Brunswick 1798Personal 31
Parsons, Thomas Charlotte 1800PersonalB 15
Parsons, Thomas Dinwiddie 1800PersonalB 12
Parsons, Thomas Hardy 1799PersonalA 18
Parsons, Thomas Lunenburg 1803PersonalA 16
Parsons, Thomas Norfolk 1799PersonalB 25
Parsons, Thomas Northampton 1800Personal 19
Parsons, Thomas York 1800Land 05
Parsons, William Fauquier 1799PersonalB 36
Parsons, William Kanawha 1802Personal 17
Parsons, William Norfolk 1799PersonalB 25
Parsons, William Northampton 1800Personal 19
Parsons, William York 1800Land 05
Parsons, William York 1800Personal 09
Parsons, William (estate) Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 13
Parsons, William (estate) PrinceGeorge 1799Land 16
Parsons, William (P George) Dinwiddie 1799LandB 10
Parsons, William (son of John) Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Parsons, William Ap Thomas ElizabethCity 1798Personal 06
Parsons, William, Jr Charlotte 1800PersonalB 16
Parsons, Woodson (estate) Henrico 1801PersonalB 12
Parsons, Woodson (estate) Henrico 1802LandA 14
Partain, Wiett Sussex 1799PersonalB 14
Partato, Niacent CityNorfolk 1798Personal 25
Parter, Richard Lee 1799Personal 19
Parthemore, John Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Partin, James Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 12
Partin, John Chesterfield 1801PersonalA 11
Partin, John Chesterfield 1802LandA 10
Partin, William C Surry 1799Land 13
Partin, William C Surry 1800Personal 25
Partloe, Benjamin Culpeper 1801PersonalA 23
Partlow, Samuel Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Parton, William Amelia 1800Personal 20
Partrick, John F Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 24
Partrick, William Mecklenburg 1799LandA 23
Partrick, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 49
Partridge, Mathew Frederick 1800PersonalB 25
Pash, John Loudoun 1802PersonalB 12
Paslay, Dubartus Charlotte 1800PersonalB 16
Paslay, Henry A Hanover 1799PersonalB 15
Pasley, Hugh Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Pasley, Hugh Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Pasley, John Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Pasley, John Henry 1800Personal 12
Pasley, Robert Fluvanna 1802Personal 19
Pasley, Robert Franklin 1799PersonalB 17
Pasley, Thomas Henry 1800Personal 12
Pass, Hollaway Halifax 1798PersonalB 53
Pass, John Halifax 1798PersonalB 54
Pass, Samuel Greensville 1798Personal 12
Passons, George Culpeper 1801PersonalA 23
Passons, Henry Sussex 1799PersonalA 14
Passons, Robert Sussex 1799PersonalA 14
Pasteur, Blovet ElizabethCity 1798Personal 05
Pasteur, Elizabeth ElizabethCity 1798Personal 05
Pasteur, William Fluvanna 1802Personal 20
Pasteur, William (Fluvana) Goochland 1801PersonalA 07
Pate, Austin Hanover 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, Cornelius Botetourt 1799PersonalB 12
Pate, Edward Sussex 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, George JamesCity 1800Land 06
Pate, Hardy Sussex 1799PersonalB 13
Pate, Jeremiah Botetourt 1799PersonalB 12
Pate, Jesse Sussex 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, John Bedford 1800PersonalB 10
Pate, John Franklin 1799PersonalB 17
Pate, John Sussex 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, Mann Hanover 1800LandB 09
Pate, Mathew Halifax 1798PersonalB 53
Pate, Mathew Hanover 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, Mathew Hanover 1800LandB 17
Pate, Mathew (estate) Hanover 1800LandB 17
Pate, Matthew Bedford 1800PersonalA 20
Pate, Samuel Halifax 1798PersonalB 51
Pate, Thomas Bedford 1800PersonalA 19
Pate, Thomas Sussex 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, Thomas JamesCity 1800Land 06
Pate, Thomas JamesCity 1800Personal 06
Pate, William Hanover 1799PersonalB 14
Pate, William Hanover 1800LandB 17
Pate, William Sussex 1799PersonalB 13
Paterick, John Hardy 1799PersonalA 19
Paterson, George PrinceGeorge 1799Land 16
Paterson, George PrinceGeorge 1800Personal 12
Paterson, James, Senr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 16
Paterson, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 16
Paterson, John, Senr Greenbrier 1803PersonalB 16
Paterson, Mary Culpeper 1801PersonalA 24
Paterson, William Wythe 1800PersonalB 15
Patram, Daniel Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patram, Francis Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patram, Francis, Sr Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patram, George Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patram, William Chesterfield 1802LandB 12
Patrick, Charles Albemarle 1802PersonalA 21
Patrick, Clayton York 1800Personal 09
Patrick, Curtis (estate) York 1800Land 06
Patrick, Edmund York 1800Land 05
Patrick, Edmund York 1800Personal 09
Patrick, Edmund F Charlotte 1800PersonalB 15
Patrick, Hugh Lee 1799Personal 19
Patrick, James Lee 1799Land 03
Patrick, James Lee 1799Personal 19
Patrick, James Wythe 1800PersonalB 16
Patrick, John Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Patrick, John Augusta 1800PersonalB 24
Patrick, John Charlotte 1800PersonalB 16
Patrick, John Lee 1799Personal 19
Patrick, John York 1800Personal 09
Patrick, John, Jr York 1800Personal 09
Patrick, John, Sr York 1800Land 06
Patrick, Robert Lee 1799Personal 19
Patrick, Robert Warwick 1798Personal 05
Patrick, Robert York 1800Personal 09
Patrick, Thomas Warwick 1798Personal 05
Patrick, Thomas Warwick 1800Land 06
Patrick, Thomas Warwick 1800Land 06
Patrick, Walter Warwick 1800Land 01
Patrick, William Campbell 1800PersonalA 14
Patrick, William IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Patrick, William York 1800Personal 09
Patross, James Bedford 1800PersonalB 11
Patrum, Daniel Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patrum, Francis (son of George) Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 19
Patrum, Francis, Jr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patrum, Francis, Sr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patrum, George, Sr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patrum, John Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 19
Patrum, Rowlett Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 19
Pattello, Henry Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 13
Pattello, James, Capt Charlotte 1800PersonalB 15
Patten, Andrew Harrison 1801PersonalA 14
Patten, Israel Harrison 1801PersonalA 14
Patten, Richard Shenandoah 1799PersonalA 17
Patten, Ruth Harrison 1801PersonalA 14
Patten, William Wythe 1800PersonalA 19
Pattenson, Watson Henrico 1802LandA 03
Patterson, Abijah Loudoun 1802PersonalC 18
Patterson, Abner Loudoun 1802PersonalC 18
Patterson, Abrjah Fauquier 1799PersonalA 19
Patterson, Adam Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, Alexander Amherst 1799PersonalA 12
Patterson, Charles Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Patterson, Charles Mecklenburg 1799LandA 23
Patterson, David Albemarle 1802PersonalA 21
Patterson, David Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Patterson, David CityNorfolk 1798Personal 24
Patterson, David, Jr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patterson, David, Jr Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patterson, David, Sr Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patterson, David, Sr Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patterson, Edmund Hanover 1799PersonalA 08
Patterson, Elizabeth Amherst 1799PersonalA 12
Patterson, Flemming Loudoun 1802PersonalA 15
Patterson, George Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, Henry Caroline 1799PersonalA 11
Patterson, Henry KingQueen 1799PersonalB 09
Patterson, James Amherst 1799PersonalB 14
Patterson, James Fauquier 1799PersonalA 19
Patterson, James Franklin 1799PersonalA 16
Patterson, James Hanover 1799PersonalA 08
Patterson, James Loudoun 1802PersonalC 18
Patterson, James (NC) Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, James A Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Patterson, James A Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patterson, James, Jr Augusta 1800PersonalB 24
Patterson, James, Sr Augusta 1800PersonalB 24
Patterson, Jarratt Bedford 1800PersonalB 10
Patterson, Jenet CityNorfolk 1798Personal 25
Patterson, John Albemarle 1802PersonalA 21
Patterson, John Botetourt 1799PersonalA 14
Patterson, John Halifax 1798PersonalB 52
Patterson, John IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Patterson, John Louisa 1798PersonalA 11
Patterson, John Mathews 1803Land 22
Patterson, John Mathews 1803Personal 27
Patterson, John Nottoway 1801Personal 15
Patterson, John Pittsylvania 1800PersonalA 20
Patterson, John (dumb) Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, Joseph Bedford 1800PersonalA 19
Patterson, Joseph Wythe 1800PersonalA 19
Patterson, Mary Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patterson, Mary NewKent 1800Land 14
Patterson, Mary NewKent 1800Personal 12
Patterson, Mary (widow) Augusta 1800PersonalB 24
Patterson, Nelson Amelia 1800Land 19
Patterson, Nelson Chesterfield 1802LandB 14
Patterson, Nelson Cumberland 1800Personal 18
Patterson, Obediah Campbell 1800PersonalB 13
Patterson, Revel Accomack 1799PersonalB 19
Patterson, Robert Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, Robert Fauquier 1799PersonalA 19
Patterson, Samuel Albemarle 1802PersonalB 25
Patterson, Samuel Hanover 1799PersonalA 08
Patterson, Samuel Hanover 1800LandA 10
Patterson, Sus NewKent 1800Personal 13
Patterson, Susannah NewKent 1800Land 14
Patterson, Thomas Botetourt 1799PersonalA 14
Patterson, Thomas Culpeper 1801PersonalB 16
Patterson, Thomas KingWilliam 1797Land 10
Patterson, Thomas KingWilliam 1797Personal 12
Patterson, William Albemarle 1802PersonalA 21
Patterson, William Bedford 1800PersonalB 10
Patterson, William Botetourt 1799PersonalA 14
Patterson, William Frederick 1800PersonalA 19
Patterson, William IsleWight 1799PersonalA 16
Patterson, William Mecklenburg 1799PersonalB 49
Patterson, William Pittsylvania 1800PersonalB 24
Patterson, William Wythe 1800PersonalA 19
Patterson, William (dumb) Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patterson, William (SR) Augusta 1800PersonalB 23
Patteson, Charles Buckingham 1800PersonalA 13
Patteson, Charles Campbell 1800PersonalA 13
Patteson, Charles (merchant) Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, David Powhatan 1801Personal 15
Patteson, David, Capt Buckingham 1800PersonalA 13
Patteson, David, Rev Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, Edward Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, James Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, James Buckingham 1800PersonalB 09
Patteson, James (son of John) Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, James (waterman) Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, John Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, John Campbell 1800PersonalA 14
Patteson, John Henrico 1801PersonalB 11
Patteson, John (estate) Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, John (Surr) Buckingham 1800PersonalA 13
Patteson, Peater Buckingham 1800PersonalB 09
Patteson, Tarlton Buckingham 1800PersonalB 09
Patteson, Thomas Buckingham 1800PersonalA 14
Patteson, William Buckingham 1800PersonalB 08
Patteson, William, Jr Buckingham 1800PersonalB 09
Pattie, William Fauquier 1799PersonalC 22
Pattill, George Surry 1799Land 14
Pattillo, Robert, Doc Dinwiddie 1800PersonalA 13
Pattillo, William J, Doc Mecklenburg 1799PersonalA 26
Pattison, James Loudoun 1802PersonalB 11
Pattman, Watson Henrico 1801PersonalB 12
Pattman, Watson Henrico 1802LandA 15
Pattman, Watson Henrico 1802LandA 15
Pattman, Watson Henrico 1802LandA 18
Patton, Alexander Fauquier 1799PersonalC 22
Patton, James CityNorfolk 1798Personal 24
Patton, James Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Patton, John Culpeper 1801PersonalB 16
Patton, John Fauquier 1799PersonalC 22
Patton, John Greenbrier 1803PersonalA 13
Patton, John Harrison 1801PersonalA 15
Patton, Robert Culpeper 1801PersonalB 16
Patton, Thomas Amherst 1799PersonalA 11
Patton, William (estate) NewKent 1800Land 13
Patton, William (estate) NewKent 1800Personal 13
Patty, Josias Loudoun 1802PersonalC 24
Patway, John Surry 1799Land 13
Pauchett, Nubel Halifax 1798PersonalA 25
Paugh, Joseph Harrison 1801PersonalB 15
Paul, Audlai Botetourt 1799PersonalA 14
Paul, Edward Loudoun 1802PersonalB 12
Paul, Hugh Augusta 1800PersonalA 21
Paul, James (LF) Loudoun 1802PersonalB 12
Paul, John Chesterfield 1801PersonalB 18
Paul, John ElizabethCity 1798Personal 05
Paul, John Henry 1800Personal 12
Paul, John (estate) JamesCity 1800Land 06


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