How do I Print these Tax List Images?


Now that you found your tax list image, how do you print this?

  Do NOT print any of these Tax List images from your web browser !!!
1) Printing from your web browser will not print a complete image. The print you get may only be a small portion of the image. This is not a problem with your computer or your printer. This is a problem caused by your web browser. The web browser can not properly print an image file.
2) Printing is best accomplished using an image editing or viewing program that utilizes a "fit to page" print setup function. You can use any program that you are familiar with or you can use the freeware program by Ulead called Photo Explorer 6.0.
3) Printing a Full Image with Photo Explorer 6.0: These images are scans of the actual microfilm images. An image can be several pages or can be only one page. The image content is a result of how the original document was microfilmed. Using the "fit to page" option in conjunction with the "portrait / landscape" option in your print setup will allow you to print the entire image at the largest scale on a full page.
4) Printing a Partial Image with Photo Explorer 6.0: Many times you may only want a partial image printed instead of a full image. Printing a partial image requires you to trim, or "crop", the full image down to the partial image you want to print. Cropping the image may require you to save the cropped image before you can print it. If this is necessary then do not overwrite the original image. Instead save the cropped image to a temporary directory with a temporary name. Then use the print setup option to print this cropped image to your requirements.
5) Photo Explorer 6.0: This program is an image editing and viewing program. It is freeware so it costs nothing. It can be used for viewing and printing these Tax List images. Please refer to the User Manual for specific instructions on it's use. We are supplying this program only as a free resource that has functions which are suitable for viewing and printing these tax list images. If you already have a program that you use for image viewing and printing then please use the program you are satisfied with.

ULead Photo Explorer 6.0 Installation Program (filesize 6.3mb)
ULead Photo Explorer 6.0 User Manual (filesize 3.0mb)


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